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Elder Scrolls Online DPS Magicka Nightblade Build Guide (Updated to 1.7 Patch)

With the newest patch (1.7), magicka NB’s is the best class to roll for sustained DPS probably. This build is also more than less perfect to deal with the newest dungeons in the Imperial City (WGT and ICP) and provides so to say the best achievable numbers out there atm for these dungeons. For a very long time nightblades has been one of the underdogs when it comes to DPS, but hopefully this patch will fix it. 


These are my current unbuffed stats, which im actually extremely proud of to have been able to achieve, either way. Important things to keep in mind is your HP, should never drop below 17k. For the rest, you want to dump all your attributes magicka wise, and you want to get your magicka as high as possible. Spell critical will also be an important part once you get the required gear for this build, but if you don’t have it then there will be other viable options obviously.


Current setup

This is a setup that is cheap, provides good numbers and does the overall job. Keep in mind that you will flex Nerien’eth between Valkyn Skoria and Molag Kena. Very dependant on what you’re fighting.

Ideal setup

This is the gear that will provide you with the best overall stats, and the best DPS. Remember to flex between Nerien’eth to Valkyn Skoria and Molag Kena.

Mundu Stones

1. The Thief
The thief got buffed in 1.7 to 12% critchance, so alongside with scathing mage and divines stacking, this will be insane. The way to go if you have the optimal gear.

2. The Apprentice
Apprentice is an overall good choice. Provides good spell damage, however it doesn’t do what Thief does, but still a good choise.

3. The Shadow
The Shadow is an interesting choce (need further testing though).


- Proximity Detonation
This is a very useful skill for magicka Nightblades. Used for trashpacks and AoE, provides great AoE burst. You can start your rotation by putting a proximity detonation on, but don't re-apply it.

- Sap Essence
Sap Essence will be your AoE spammable. Does great damage, does great healing, doesn’t cost a lot of resources, great range, what is there not to love?

- Siphoning Attacks / Dark Shades
This slot is very different for me. For AoE situations, I will roll with siphoning attacks for so to say unlimited resources, really helps you sustain your DPS. For single target dps , then I’d slot in dark shades. Counts as a dot, procs Valkyn Skoria and Nerieneth while doing great DPS.

- Impale
Most powerful execute in the game, good range, AMAZING execution numbers with Soul Harvest active. This is one of the many skills that makes this build viable. After 25%, spam this with soul harvest.

- Inner Light
10% Spell crit, 5% Max magicka, a must have skill. Spell critical is very crucial for this build, so this is also a must.

- Soul Harvest
You gain 10 ulti for each mob you kill, so when on AoE bar allows you to build up your ultimate very quickly. Also, this alongside with impale is the defintion of DPS.


- Crippling Grasp
Your most valuable DoT, keep this up 247. Also gives you major expedition which is handy for alot of situations.

- Funnel Health
Your spammable, doesn’t hit as much as molten whip and jabs do for example, but still does good DPS. You also have to take into the consideration that this skill is dirt cheap, and heals an ally.

- Twisting Path 
Your main AoE DoT. Should always be up alongside with siphoning strikes when in trashpacks for unlimited resources, when it comes to single target dps only use it if you know the boss is gonna be immobilized, if not it’s a waste. Can be replaced with Dark Shades or Structured Entropy.

- Inner Light 
10% Spell crit, 5% Max magicka, a must have skill. Spell critical is very crucial for this build, so this is also a must.

- Merciless Resolve
Self application of combat prayer, the proc hurts harder than overload. This is one of the skills that really makes a difference. For manti, this will for example allow you to go as a decoy without losing too much DPS. Try to keep this up every now and then, find the balance.

- Shooting Star
People might think Ice Comet is the better morph, but this alongside with Soul Harvest in trashpacks gives you an insane ammount of ultimate. Also think it hits harder for dunmers (need further testing). Great for the extra magicka too. Use this when the boss is immobilized, as the DoT is insanely strong.


Your rotation is pretty simple, and very easy to keep up. For AoE, launch up proximity detonation, merciless resolve, shooting star, twisting path, siphoning strikes, and spam sap essence. Reapply only siphoning, twisting path and proximity detonation.

For single target DPS, launch up proximity once again, dark shades, heavy attack, merciless resolve, medium attack, shooting star, medium attack, cripple, medium attack, twisting path, then medium weave funnel health. Priority to keep up Crippling Grasp, Twisting path and Dark shades. Once the boss goes below 25%, spam Impale combined with soul harvest.

Champion Points

The Mage
100 in Thaumaturge, 30 in Staff Expert, 1 in Elemental expert, 9 in Blessed, 10 in spell erosion, and 50 in elfborn.

The Thief
100 in Magician, and 100 in Arcanist.

The Warrior 
10 in Spell Shield, 60 in block expertise, 70 in Hardy, 50 in Elemental Expert, 10 in Thick skinned.


1. Dunmer
Dunmer is the obvious winner. 9% Max Magicka, 6% Max Stamina, 7% Flame damage for your meteor DoT, and burning effect from inferno staff.

2. Altmer / Breton
Here you choose between cost reduction, and regeneration. The elemental damage is useless and you can roll Breton instead.

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