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Dragon Nest Will Possibly Have A Hunter Class

It has been confirmed that Dragon Nest will have a new class soon called the Machina. It's more like an Engineer but I think, a more complicated or a more unique kind of Engineer.

But what's this? A rumor in the Dragon Nest Universe is suggesting that there will be another class on the way and it's called the Hunter Class!

In the same way Avenger is based on Warrior, Hunter is based on Archer.

Hunter’s Job Advancement is: Silver Hunter

Some Skill names

Deluge Bolt
Summon Falcon
Somersault Kick
Aero Strike
Aerial Wild Shot
Falcon Strike
Crossbow Link
Arrow Storm
Liberty Attack
Spiral Bolt
Falcon Rise
Hunter Eye
Raging Wind
Destruction Area
Silver Hunter
Moment Evade
Tornado Shot
Dodge Enhancement (A)
Dodge Enhancement (B)
Attack Enhancement (A)
Attack Enhancement (B)
Function Specialization (A)
Function Specialization (B)
Tornado Shot (A)
Tornado Shot (B)

This are the only information we got at the moment but if something came up, or somebody from DN dev confirm this, then we will let you know as soon as possible...

Oh by the way guys.. .The image above is not the actual image for hunter. That's an Archer class on Dragon Nest. We posted it there just so you could imagine what will be the new hunter class in the game. Anyway, it's more like the Archer class as they've said.