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Dragon Nest Hero Level Guide: Understanding the New Form of Leveling at Level 90 Cap (T5/3R Update)

Hero Levels.

Recently as part of the October Update in KDN, they introduced a new form of leveling, currently translated as "Hero Levels."

Hero Levels are a sort of rebirth system, think Diablo 3's Paragon levels or Blade and Soul's Hongmen levels. They are levels that boost your stats past the level cap. In Dragon Nest, they sort of work like the Unified level system, meaning your entire account is affected, and your entire account can contribute. The current cap is level 50.

To be able to get Hero EXP, you must already be level 90. You can only get EXP from level 90 content.
Hero Level experience can be gained by clearing the following:
– Lv90 Abyss dungeons (15 EXP)
– Lv90 Nest (35 EXP)
– Lv90 Nest Hardcore mode (70 EXP)
There is a Hot Spring buff that increases these amounts as well.

There is a weekly cap of 3500 EXP points that you can obtain, however you can still continue to get EXP from the following: 
– Arena Shop (2 per week, 75 medals, 50 EXP)
– Nightmare Shop (2 per week, 2000 Nightmare Stars each, can only be purchased by Level 90 and above, 50 EXP)
– Heroes Battlefield Shop (1 per week for each technique fragment type A/S, 30 of either fragment, gives 50/100 EXP respectively)
These items do not count towards the weekly cap, for a total of 350 extra EXP on top of the 3500. This is per character.

The amount of EXP needed can be seen cumulatively in the following charts

The EXP is cumulative, so just subtract the levels to find out just how much that specific level needs.
E.G. to get from 49 to 50 you would need
97111 - 91274 = 5837 EXP.
Overall without the use of the EXP consumables, it would take 28 weeks to go from 1 to 50.

The stats you gain per level can be seen in the chart below.

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