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Dragomon Hunter Comprehensive Guide to Leveling Your Character Super Fast

NOTE: this guide is based off of the Thai version of the game and some things may not be the same in the English version but most of the basic mechanics should stay the same. 

This guide is going to be about the garden, it will cover breeding mounts and what type of sub species you can get in return, how to breed them along with cooking and what foods to feed the monsters and how to protect your garden from bosses attacks.

What is breeding and how can I benefit from it? 

First of all, breeding is a huge part of the game and has many benefits some of which include getting mounts with faster movement speed, getting rare dragon attribute stones for the dragon chart board system (stat giving system which I will explain later), getting battle mounts that you can use in Battlefield (300 vs 300), getting mini summon whistles (basically a mini size mount you can summon which will follow you around), and achievement points, which if you get enough of them, you can get some awesome rewards. 

Getting started 

Before anything else you need to obtain a monster that you can breed. First off there are 2 different types of monsters, one is the basic mount that you can use in town and dungeons (not in combat mode) to get around faster and the other is battle mounts which you can't use in town or dungeons, but can use in the garden to fight garden bosses (I will explain later) and 300 vs 300 Battlefield which is a really cool system. Battle mounts are basically main boss mounts from dungeons which are harder to get than normal monsters mounts 

To obtain mounts you are going to need to kill monsters, either in dungeons or open field and each monster will have a small % chance to drop as a mount. Alternatively you can purchase mounts with a game currency named "Dragon Coins", which you can get in various ways such as dungeons, world bosses ...etc (which is a guide for another day if you guys want insight into this system before the game release) 

Ok so once you get your hands on a mount you can begin breeding and to do this you are first going to have to get mounts into the garden. To do this you use the eco-documentary, system which is located at the bottom right of the screen (as shown in the picture below). 

Note: there are 5 Eco-Documentary slots per character at any one given time. 

TIP: Garden is shared so if you have multiple characters you can use multiple eco-documentary slots which means more mounts in your garden faster (to give you a kick start in your garden progress). 

Once you add the mount you have 2 options, the first being that you can directly add it to your garden to start breeding and the latter being that you can claim a "reward" every day from that mount, each day giving a better reward (pics below). These rewards can include mini summon whistles as mentioned earlier (they don’t really have any use other than to look cute and follow you around Razz and of course for collection purposes), dragon attribute stones (one of the most important systems in the game and this guide will give some tips of what mounts give some of the best stones later in this guide). They will also give you a very useful resistance buff which applies to the type of mount you have added (if it was a dragon mount you will get an x% resistance to dragon type monsters buff). 

Once the mount is in your garden you can then begin the breeding process. However, to breed you are going to need food to feed the monsters which is another profession entirely, so this guide will explain to you guys what cooking is now before we continue with breeding. 

Garden NPCs 

Getting started with cooking 

Ok so to get started with cooking your going to need lots of materials (that you can get from monster drops, dragon coins and from purchasing them from other players) along with recipes for each dish you want to make. However, you can get cooking quests every 2 hours from the NPC Daisy (Dasite) (located in your garden) which you can get recipe rewards for different dishes and various materials needed for cooking. You will be able to cook basic dishes without needing its recipe. 

Note: Once you get a recipe you will never need it again. 

So to start cooking you guys are going to need to visit any of the garden NPCs you can then choose what recipe you want to cook. You will see what materials are needed to cook the recipe. The more you cook a recipe the more it will level up and the higher its level the more chance you have of getting more dishes back in return. 

Note: some materials needed for cooking can be purchased from the NPC Omi 

Benefits of cooking 

Cooking is a much simpler profession and its main benefit is the stat bonus you get from leveling it up (which you also get from leveling up breeding and any other profession system). However, breeding is highly dependent upon cooking and thus, is a very important feature. 
Below you can the stat you get from maxing your cooking and breeding professions. 

What to feed your animals and how to feed them while making the MOST of your food 

Ok so back to breeding, feeding your monsters is one of the necessary steps in order to be able to breed them. This is because before you can breed you are going to need to max their EXP for each level. For example, when you add a monster to the garden it starts off at level 1, you will feed it until its EXP is max for level 1 and once you breed it with another max EXP monster they will both level up to level 2 with 0 EXP. The max level of a monster is 10 and thus, after this level you can no longer breed it.

Each animal requires its own preference to food and one of the main things that impacts this is its type. 

In this example I will be breeding a Dragon Hawk with an Owl ( Dragon Hawk gives one of the best attribute stones in the game Crit +119, Crit Dmg 2% and Crit dmg reduction +3%) which is one of the best ways to build your character for dmg and dmg reduction for both PVP and PVE. 

Dragon hawk is a Bird type monster and so is the Owl and both of them prefer vegetables and fruits types of dishes and so you will be going to be feeding them High-Fibre Fruites and Vegetables and as you can see in the picture below they both have a heart when you fed them this dish, which means they like this dish and will gain MORE EXP from this. See below an image feeding them Kung Fu Tea Soup which they really hate you can see the reaction and they get hardly any EXP. 

Note: some of the monsters especially bosses monsters don't eat everything for example these Dragon Hawk and Owl I put down some meat for them but they just walked past it and didn't even bother eating it as if it is not there. 

Positioning of monsters in the garden is VERY important. This is basically because you can use 1 type of food to feed 4 monsters at the same time which saves you a LOT of materials. One of the best locations to place your mounts that like the same food is shown below. 

After placing your monsters in the position above you can wait till they are close together then throw some food on the floor, if timed right all 4 monsters will eat from the food and get the EXP. 

What monsters should you breed? 

Breeding 2 of the same monster it will not give you a rare mount and thus they should be 2 different monsters. However, using the same type of monster such as 2 Birds,2 Dragons.. etc, will give you better results and higher % to success in breeding (as shown below) The more the hearts the higher the success of the breed 

An example of a good breed: 

An Example of a bad breed: 

What mounts can I get back in return? 

Each monster has a total of 4 sub-species they differ in colour, movement speed and the rewards you receive from them on the Eco-Documentary. 3 of the sub-species are easy to obtain while breeding but the 4th sub-species is the rarest of all and the best because it gives the highest stat from its Dragon Attribute Stone and that is what you want to aim for. A total of 5 Dragon Attribute Stones of the same type can be added to the Dragon Chart Board. 

Note: normal sub-species (easer to obtain) give a blue dragon attribute stone, while the rarest sub-species (harder to obtain) give an orange dragon attribute stone which is a better grade than blue. 

Achievement points 

One of the long term goals of dedicated monster breeders is the achievement points which boasts one of the best items in the game if you can get all of them (which is very hard and takes a lot of patience and work) the item is an attribute board stone which only takes up one point on the dragon chart board while the other attribute stones such as the Dragon Hawk orange stone takes up 3 points. The dragon chart board will be active for Lv20 characters and every time you level up you will gain 1 point in the dragon chart board. as you see in the picture below a level 54 which only have 34 points available for his character.

As you see in the picture above you could also use skill attribute stones which can be obtained from the Eco-Documentary, there are some useful skill stones for PVP, for example stealth, which can be useful for getting mass kills in 300 vs 300. However, the skill attribute stones will consume 5 points from the dragon chart board. 

to complete all monsters achievements (there are over 100 of them) and to get that attribute stone you need to breed all sub-species of monsters for every single monster in the game and level all the sub-species to level 10 (iirc is over 500). 

P.S. It took me a day and a half of none stop breeding to complete 1 monster + its sub-spices to level 10 so it is very time consuming and costs a great deal of materials. 

As you can see below this is the final Dragon Attribute Stone that you can get the only way to obtain it is to breed and level up all the monsters and their sub-species that exist in the game. 

Garden bosses and using your monsters to defend your garden 

Garden bosses can be very annoying but very beneficial at the same time, as if you are not geared they can be hard to kill and if you fail to kill it then it will knock out all your monsters (you need to feed them some special food to heal them) but if you do kill it you get tons of EXP and if you are lucky, you can get some rare drops such as attribute stones and rare recipes. 

TIPS: try to get a party of 5 people if you are not geared enough to help you kill your garden boss you will need to be fast though you will only have 15 mins. 

Note: garden bosses usually show up every couple of hours. 

To place your monsters on defending status you are going to need to talk to any of the garden NPCs as shown below. 

Once your setup is finished click apply. As you can see below these mounts are now waiting for a boss to show up to help you finish it off. 

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Credits: Guide by Pinkiss