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Destiny Updates: Bungie to Fix Underwhelming Rewards on Nightfall

There have been lots of rumblings on the Destiny Universe discussing how the Nightfall rewards aren't worth the effort of doing the Nightfall anymore, especially now that the XP buff has been removed. Some got strange coins for their last two Nightfalls (anyone else experience the slap in the face where not only do you and your buddy both get strange coins, but they get 13 and you get 11? wtf?), and some people getting Reciprocal Runes as rewards as well, which seems like the new Etheric Light. And the Nightfalls seem to be harder than ever as well. This conversation has been building for a couple weeks. So what happens this week? They drop the frickin SABER strike again, this time with arc burn and exposure, and match game thrown in for good measure. That warsat... Seriously Bungie????!!!

To tell you honestly, I really hate Nightfall now and I think that it's not just me that feels the same way. And as you may know, lots of Guardians are giving their negative feedbacks to what they are currently experiencing on the Nightfall... And I think that Bungie did hear all those negative feedbacks as Luke Smith, has tweeted something about the rewards on Nightfall.. Check out his tweet below:

Look's like they finally heard all our rumbling guys! I don't know yet when will they fix it or what are the fixes that they will apply on Nightfall but when some news about this comes out, I will then let you know..

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