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Destiny TTK: Is Hammer of Sol Really Overpowered Now on Iron Banner?

The Titan Sunbreaker subclass is a pain in the ass to deal with in PvP, as many of you may have noticed already. It's actually overpowered. It's not about the subclass as a whole (which still makes the Sunbreaker OP, even in PvE) that is overpowered, but about the Hammer of Sol super in comparison to other supers. Especially the Golden Gun.

With Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris right around the corner, here's an argument that discusses about Hammer of Sol being overpowered. This guide will compare it with the Hunter subclass Gunslinger. "Why?", you might ask. Because both supers are offensive, ranged, and have multiple OHKO shots. Thus making them the most dangerous PvP subclasses in my opinion. So how do they stack up against each other?

Here are some basic stats.

SuperHammer of SolGolden Gun
Seconds super lasts without shooting2713
Amount of shots5132
Damage typeAoE + ImpactImpact + AoE6
Damage registrationProjectile has travel timeHitscan
Damage output364437
Activating super grants damage reductionYes3No
Can OHKO the other superYesNo4
Possibility of health regen on killYes5No
OHKO with Sniper headshotMax impact only (Black Spindle)All Snipers basically
Shots to destroy Titan Bubble32
  • Can be up to 7 if Forgemaster is selected
  • 4 with Achlyophage Symbiote helmet, which sadly isn't year 2.
  • Activating HoS grants a 55% damage reduction, which is more than the Sunsinger, Bladedancer or Revive overshields. Those overshields can be OHKO'd by the LDR/1000-Yard Stare impact types. The HoS can only be OHKO'd by a Black Spindle. This gives the HoS the biggest damage reduction in the game. Math: GG normal damage output: 437. GG on HoS: 197. [(437-197)/437]*100 = 55%. Footage below.
  • GG does 197 damage on a Sunbreaker. On a min armor build that will kill him. Speccing just one armor perk is enough to survive a single GG shot.
  • The perk "Cauterize" regenerates your health when killing an enemy with your Hammer.
  • When "Combustion" is enabled. However, this only helps for getting additional kills and only does AoE on kill. Unlike HoS, where AoE actually helps to get the initial kill.


These are some basic statistics about both supers. As you can clearly see the Hammer of Sol the outperforms the Golden Gun on almost every single stat. Because both subclasses have different perks which can be combined in a lot of different builds, there are some notes that should be made:
  • Golden Gun has a big advantages when it comes to type of hit registration. Hitscan is way better than having a projectile with slow travel time like a hammer.
  • To make up for the slow travel time, Hammers need little to almost no accuracy and have proximity detonation, which IMO makes up for the slow projectile travel a lot.
  • The Gunslinger can actually gain extended Golden Gun time with the "Circle of Life" perk. However, this is highly unlikely because the throwing knife isn't a OHKO melee.
  • The Sunbreaker can actually gain an additional overshield if the "Scorched Earth" perk which creates sunspots and "Fire Keeper" perk which grants an overshield in said sunspots are activated.

Update: There is some confusion regarding the term "overshield" here. An overshield is tha blue/purple health you get over your normal health bar, such as Flame Shield, Force Barrier, Blessing of Light or a Revive shield. The prominent feature of overshields is that they don't take crit damage, although damage that bleeds through when they are broken can still crit.

What Sunbreakers get is damage reduction. The actual damage numbers you put on them when they are in Super get reduced by 55%. They do have an overshield perk for Sunspots but that competes with Cauterize so it's not really worth it for PvP.
So from the argument that you've read above, do you also agree that Bungie needs to nerfed Hammer of Sol? Do you think it's really overpowered?

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