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Destiny TTK Guide: Clarifying All Misinformation About Salvage Points

Lot's of misinformation has been spread around the web about the Salvage Points in Destiny. So, this page is created to clarify all those misinformation.

First lets start with scoring. Deploying a probe nets you 100 points per teammate deploying. This means that you can get 300 points from a deployment. Note the score from the before and after shots below. You'll notice that while I was awarded 100 points, the score of my team went up by 300. Because I had 2 teammates capturing the point with me.

It's also worth noting that standing in the circle to deploy nets you about 20% of your super gauge. This also applies to control, though I think Control is closer to 10%

Next we'll talk about actually capturing a Relic. Capturing is worth 200 points per teammate in the game. This is basically a guaranteed 600 unless you have a random teammate that dropped out for some reason. Note the before and after picture below. You can even see the scoreboard and note how each teammate had their score boosted by 200 points.

Finally, dismantling a probe. Worth 150 points per teammate in the game. This is basically the wager of playing Salvage that I'll get into in the next section. Here are some screenshots again. Before and after:

So what does this mean? First, you need to understand the basic principle of Salvage. Salvage is all about the wager. Basically, you're making a wager that that you can capture a point and hold it for 45 seconds without letting the other team touch it. The game rewards you well if you can pull this off.

The main problem from Salvage comes from the deployment phase. People don't understand that you get more points the more people are deploying. So what happens is one person is capping and the other two fan out and look for respawns to defend the first player. Except now they've turned the scoring to the favor of the enemy.

In an ideal scenario, you would be betting your 300 points, against the enemies 450 that you can hold the point. If you win, your 300 points doubles up, and you get 900 total points from a capture. But this is only if you are betting smart. If you instead have 1 person capture, you're now betting 100 points against the enemies 450. You should see the obvious disadvantage here.


Always capture a point with your teammates. Always rez before captures. If you are by yourself, don't take a point just because no one else is there. Maybe even try to kill 2 enemies and let the third one cap for an easy dismantle. Either way, just use the information above to make better judgments when it comes to Salvage.

Hint: This also applies to capturing zones in control, FYI.

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Credits: Special thanks to Kor_of_Memory for this guide.