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Destiny TTK Guide: All Things You Need to Know About Trials of Osiris

Okay. I have put up in this page the things that are new to Trials of Osiris and some information that you don't want to miss out. This is not a nitty-gritty guide but just a page which gives you few reminders and expectations on the new Trials of Osiris.

Recent Changes
Destiny’s most competitive PvP event has returned after a long wait with more challenges and more rewards. Let’s take a look at some of the changes to Trials in Year 2, and what strategies you should be keeping in mind.
  • Requires a minimum Character Level of 40
  • Requires a minimum Light of 251; Recommended Light is 290
  • Winning teams now receive Trials gear rewards directly at the end-of-match completion
Bungie Security Response Team is on the prowl, issuing multi-month Trials bans to cheaters in the Crucible

In Year 2, you’re now more likely to be matched up with teams who have a similar amount of wins on their ticket. This means that by the time you make it to your 9th match, you’ll probably be battling a team that’s competing for their final win as well. We’ll see if connection strength plays a factor over the weekend.

The Bannerfall Map

Most similar to Pantheon in design, Bannerfall is a symmetrical map with many long, clean lines and unobstructed hallways. Heavy ammo is split evenly; it’s no longer a clear choice which heavy ammo a team might own. There’s a large courtyard with boxes and obstacles on each side, along with a closed-in room with a few levels and entries. Moving towards the middle, where B flag appears in Control, it’s much more of a no-man’s-land where a good sniper could get you from any number of angles. Coincidentally, holding the center area can be a strong move for an aggressive team.
A round in Trials can be over in a blink of an eye. A quick “Ace” medal can be achieved with a good opening move and setup. Bannerfall games frequently commence with a race to the catwalks that look into the windows near B. It’s a wild west sniper duel up there, which can go either way.

In Trials though, it’s not always smart to scope that catwalk. It comes down to a coin flip between two good snipers, and if you lose, it’s a very tough spot to be revived. A better move might be sending two up the middle towards the door to get a sense of where the other team is heading while one teammate flanks outside to the tree looking for an angle on B. As always, make sure you’re changing up your opening moves every single round to remain unpredictable.

Great Bounties

Rewards aren’t totally determined by wins and losses – you’ll still get plenty of rewards after the game. It’s important to work towards completing these bounties while you play. 
  • Trials bounties have a small chance to reward Exotics.
  • Complete these for XP, and a mix of Legendary Marks & Trials packages.
  • You can complete regular Crucible bounties in Trials!

Trials Passage

  • Grants you access to Trials of Osiris
  • A passage costs 500 glimmer.
  • A Trials Passage always costs 500 glimmer, regardless if the card is completed or not.

To access the buffs, hit Triangle // Y on your controller while hovered over the Trials Passage Card.
  • Favor of Osiris - Start Trials of Osiris with a Win. Must be purchased before your first match.
  • Mercy of Osiris - Your first loss is forgiven. Must be purchased before your first match.
  • Boldness - Winning your first match awards a bonus win. Can only be granted before your first match.
Buff Information
  • Buffs are NOT shared between fireteam members. Each member will need to purchase their own.
  • If you purchase the Mercy of Osiris and lose while the Mercy of Osiris was active, finish with 9 Wins/0 Loss with 1 actual loss, it will count as a Flawless victory.
  • All buffs must be purchased before the first match.
Flawless Victory Information
  • If you win 9 times without any losses, you get access to The Lighthouse in Mercury.
  • If you get flawless victory multiple times on the same character, the chest on Mercury will not contain any loot.
  • Using the Mercy of Osiris does not prevent you from a flawless victory.
The Lighthouse Information
  • You get access to a chest that gives you sweet loot.
  • Returning to Orbit will allow you to return to The Lighthouse.
Trials of Osiris Loot

A single legendary item is a guarantee upon a Gold Tier Package rewards.
  • 5 Wins - Legendary Boots
  • 7 Wins - The Inward Lamp w/ Full Auto
  • Gold Tier Bounty - Possible reward of Sunlit Ghost Shell
  • Gold Tier Bounty - Possible reward of Exotic Gear
  • Gold Tier Bounty - Possible reward of Legendary Gear
Brother Vances' Inventory (Pardon our dust while we update)

He no longer sells anything. Rewards are via in-game Progress Wins

The Lighthouse Chest Loot

A single legendary weapon is a guarantee upon Lighthouse
  • HIC Jacet Emblem (Guarenteed)
  • Exotic Gear (Possibility)
  • Reflection Sum (Adept) Pulse Rifle (Possibility)
  • The Inward Lamp (Adept) Scout Rifle (Possibility)
  • The Water Star (Adept) Hand Cannon (Possibility)
  • Doctrine of Passing (Adept) Auto Rifle (Possibility)
Possible reward via Gold Tier package
  • The Unseeing Eye Machine Gune
  • The Tamarind Rocket Launcher
  • Binary Dawn Shotgun
  • Glass Promontory Sniper Rifle
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