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Destiny Tips: Things to Note Before Reforging Any Exotic Armor to Save Up Resources

Here are some tips on saving up some of your resources in reforging any exotic armor when Xur arrives.

Important Note: Maake sure you visit the Armory section of bungie.net to see exactly what perks you can (and cannot) potentially obtain on each piece in the upgrade nodes. You can visit it on the link below:
Now, here are some of the tips to take note before rushing into reforging any exotics:

#1 Normal armor perk nodes that are always automatically selected for certain pieces.

Example: Solar Armor will always occur on Heart of the Praxic Fire, while Snap Discharge will always occur on Claws of Ahamkara. In the case of the former this is a boon since Arc/Void Armor would be useless for that item, however in the case of the claws this also means you will never have access to Energy Projection (grenade throw distance) on your year two armor set when wearing them in your gauntlet slot (since it can only occur on gauntlets in year two and only in that node slot)

#2 Ammunition perks are either always awesome or randomly mediocre, depending on the specific exotic armor piece.

Example: The "Increased Heavy Ammo/Increased Special Ammo" dual node perk for Warlock exotic armor will currently only occur on Alchemist Raiment and Starfire Protocol until more armor in the database is (re)introduced into the exotic pool. The ammo capacity upgrades on Voidfang Vestments and Heart of the Praxic Fire in contrast will always be increases to randomly selected specific primary and special weapon types (likely to balance the power gap between their exotic perks).

#3 The range of Intellect/Discipline/Strength on each piece are not all equal; pieces still favor one or more stats.

While exotic armor in Year 2 has diversity in attribute bonuses, each piece still has a favored attribute with a greater range over others in both the random starting bonuses and upgrade bonuses.

Hopefully this saves everyone some resources in their quest to remake their ideal exotic armor piece.

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Credits: This tip is created by Darkstar_Aurora