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Destiny Tip: You can Use Shadestep Animation Cancel for a Quick Get Away or For Quick Weapons Ready

I don't know if you already know this guys, but while I was browsing on youtube and looking for some new Destiny news, I have found this video which talks about Nightstalker Shadestep animation cancelling. What's the use of this? You can use it to quickly get out from harms way or, to quickly ready your weapon.

The video was uploaded by Kalem M and you can check it out below on how to cancel animation of shadestep, to perform another shadestep:

You can actually cancel the shadestep into whatever you want. The most useful thing about shadestep cancelling is being able to have weapons ready, sort of like using Quickdraw on the Bladedancer subclass. Doing a normal shadestep with The Last Word in this video, for example, you must wait for your character to pull TLW out and twirl it around (see [0:26] on video). Doing a shadestep cancel with TLW, you can see it skips that part of the animation altogether (see [0:32] on video).

With the shadestep cancel, you can shadestep cancel into a second shadestep. This is useful for a quick get away or to even strategically out-maneuver another player at [1:01]. Normal 2 action shadestep at [1:15].

Check out the shadestep cancel with a shotgun at [1:33] and then, take a look at the Normal shadestep with a shotgun at [1:42]

So in order to completely cancel the animation, what you want to do is, while you're in the shadestep animation, pull your ghost out. So when your character is just about to roll on their head (or when the arm of your character is essentially just about to hit the ground), you want to pull out your ghost. You can see this in the animation at [2:24]. You don't really see the ghost being pulled out, but you can see that TLW isn't twirled around for weapons ready. So you shadestep, when your character is about to roll, you pullout your ghost and sprint to cancel the ghost animation and then your weapons will be ready. It sounds tricky, but if you try it out, you'll see for yourself it's quite simple.

For the shadestep cancel into another shadestep, you can play around with the timing on this one. If you shadestep cancel early, to another player, you'll change directions mid-shadestep. If you shadestep cancel later on in the animation, you'll get the effect you see at [1:01].

Credits: Special thanks to byAnarchy for the text guide and to Kalem M for the video guide.