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Destiny Tip: You Can Convert Glimmer to Weapon Parts Directly (Tested Working)

Lots of people are talking about the Weapon Parts drought in 2015. So that is why this page is created to tell you that you can prevent glimmer drought. Take note that this is not a nitty-gritty guide on getting weapon parts, but just a simple tip and step on how to easily get weapon parts using glimmer

In the tower, you can purchase exotic weapons you've already collected for 1 Exotic Shard and 2500 glimmer. When dismantled, these weapons give back your exotic shard, around 88 glimmer and 3-4 weapon parts.

If we apply some maths to this scenario, glimmer can be converted into weapon parts at 833.3 glimmer per weapon part for a drop of 3 and 625 per weapon part in drops of 4, with a middle average after subtraction of the 88 we get back of about 642 glimmer.

By these calculations a full glimmer cap and one exotic shard can equal an average of 39 weapon parts without loss of the exotic shard. Glimmer has never been particularly hard to get so you should be able to run some strikes with some Black Wax Idols or Resupply Codes and use it to by those weapon parts to feed your starving weapons!

For those with large amounts of motes:

Tested on a Sleeper Simulant, full upgrading took 12 motes and 5 bounties, so probably around 13 motes for a full upgrade. Upon dismantling, it dropped 6 weapon parts, a shard, and two motes. That's a net loss of 10/11 motes for two weapon parts, valuing motes at around 1 per 5 motes. Would not suggest this method unless you have so many motes you don't know what to do with since the weapon parts nerf on this strat. People have been talking about the telemetries strat which is viable so long as you have telemetries and enough motes, changing the value to 1 part for 2 motes with the average 2 you receive back. Keep in mind, motes were the reason weapon parts were nerfed in the first place. You can expect better returns at the cost of more items, so it's up to if you aren't saving motes to upgrade new gear fast.

In conclusion, using the exotic blueprints I-pad, you can turn glimmer into weapon parts without the loss of exotic shards.

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Credits: Special thanks to Gejono for the tip.