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Destiny Tip: Why You Should Consider Buying Alchemist Raiment From Xur Right Now

So right now Xur is selling this Warlock chest piece and at first glance you might not think it's that great but it's actually one of my favourite exotics for these reasons:

1) The extra Special/Heavy Ammo perk is mislabled, it actually allows you to hold extra special/Heavy Ammo AND gives you more ammo per drop. For example, you get 3 shots per ammo box instead of 2 for the Sleeper Simulant and you can hold 9 shots instead of 7.

2) It's exotic perk: You get the chance for a couple glimmer when you pick up primary ammo which is nice but the potential of picking up orbs that charge your grenade and melee while your super is charged is amazing.

3) This synergises with the Health Regeneration perk you can get on helmets so basically your super can be charged and you can regenerate health as long as there are orbs.

This works best with Sunsingers who keep their supers (although most prefer Starfire Protocol) but more importantly Stormcallers who take advantage of Tlaloc and the Perpetual Charge perk.

In addition to the reasons stated above, Alchemist Raiment works very well in Hard Mode if you run a "never use your super" fireborn sunsinger, which many Warlocks do run. The reason for this is that many sunsingers run dual grenades, which can be charged through orbs. These orbs will disappear anyways upon death anyways, so it encourages you to use your grenades and melee more often.

Also the added bonus of being able to pick up more ammo per box as well as carry more ammo for a weapon type (weapon type, not specific weapon) is very useful.

Warlocks don't have a lot of great PVE exotics, Alchemist Raiment is one of the few that really stand out. The others are fairly lackluster.

I hope that you got some helpful information from thus page....

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