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Destiny Tip: Stop Saying Three of Coins Doesn't Work Unless You Wait for 10 Minutes

Some guardians are mumbling and grumbling about 3 of coins not working but the fact is, sometimes, it's all about patience. You need to at least wait for 10 minutes (the longest wait time) for it to work before you start posting on social media or on groups that 3oC is not working.

As Bungie said to us, "We are reducing the effect of three of coins when rapidly killing Ultras".

This doesn't mean they don't work. They work the same as ever.

What happens when you use a 3 of coin is you have about a 10% chance to get an exotic drop on the first coin used.

If you don't get an exotic, you can apply another 3 of coins buff, but this time. instead of 10%, you get an additional stacking effect. None is really sure what the % is, some says it's about 1.5(x) where x is the stacking effect you previously had.

Three of Coins:

1 - 10% 2 - 15% 3 - 22.5 4 - 33.75 5 - 50.625 6 - 75.9375

This is when you wait a little amount in between kills. As you can see, using 7 coins this way will almost certainly net an exotic (i think they might cap out at 90%)

What happens if you DON'T wait 10 mins? Probably you might not get the stacking bonus.


1 - 10% 2 - 10% 3 - 10% 4 - 10%

This is the case because if you farm draxis after the adjustment, you will get an exotic somewhere in the 7-10 3oC usage area.

As you can see, it is more effective to wait, but please stop telling people that it doesn't work, because that's not true, and you may be wasting a LOT of peoples time.

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