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Destiny Tip: Some Very Helpful Tips on King's Fall Raid for Inexperienced Player

Lots of people are new to King's Fall and Raiding in general. This is post is designed to give people an idea of what you need to make it through for the first time without spoiling the Encounters.

Fireteam Composition (always make sure you have at least 1 Titan):
  • 2x Titan - Defender and Sunbreaker (switch between)
  • 2x Hunter - Nightstalker and Gunslinger (switch between)
  • 2x Warlock - Sunsinger and Stormcaller (switch between)
Gear Loadout suggestions:
  • Scout Rifle: Hung Jury from Dead Orbit is perfect
  • Sniper Rifle: The single most important weapon - 1000 Yard Stare from Vanguard and quests is ideal
  • Heavy Machine Gun: Ruin Wake is great (does anyone else have loads of these?)
  • Heavy Ammo Synths - Xur and the Gunsmith, Eris and Variks
  • Special Ammo Synths - Gunsmith, Eris and Variks
For the jumping parts, always change your class talents so that you have high agility. If you are finding it too difficult, try a different jump talent e.g. Higher Jump change to Triple Jump.

If you are completely new to Raiding, don't be scared to speak up. Communication is key and there is no reason to be shy. You won't get it right the first time, every group will take a couple of wipes to settle into things.

What not to do:
  • Don't tell people you know what to do if you don't have a clue. Ask for a quick recap of your role.
  • Don't equip a shotgun when shooting a boss. Inspect more experienced players and use their load out as a guide.
  • Don't be silent. If you notice someone is still using their shotgun on a boss and you've wiped 10x because of it, tell everyone and tell them so they know they need a sniper.
  • Don't waste your super. Save that tether for the boss.
Useful Terms:
  • Stagger - when you shoot the boss continuously with a critical hit he will flinch and can't attack.
  • Relic - an item required to complete the encounter.
  • Adds - Additional enemies that spawn alongside the boss. Also called Trash mobs.
  • Buff - an active effect.
  • Debuff - a active effect that usually makes gameplay more difficult.
  • DPS - Damage per second, used as a term for shooting the boss constantly for a short time.
  • Torn - A role randomly given to a player towards the end of the raid.
  • Floater - A player who has no specific responsibility other than to help everyone else fulfil their role. Somebody to call on if you are getting swamped with adds or a certain Light Eating Ogre.
  • Enrage - A warning that you are taking too much time to kill the boss, eventually you will see 'enrage is near' which means you need to hit the boss with everything you've got before he kills you.
  • Weapons at the back - A Titan bubble with the Weapons of Light buff has been set up. You need to walk into it and walk out to receive a buff that increases your DPS.
  • Wipe - when all team mates are dead and you need to start again. Sometimes something will be bugged and you may need to wipe to reset the encounter.
  • Self Revive - The reason that Sunsingers are so useful. Always take the Fireborn perk so that you can self resurrect when there is no other option.
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