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Destiny Tip: A Solution to the Sprint Cooldown Problem

Important Note: This guide is created by Miazure

Ever been frustrated with the sprint cooldown? Furiously pushing the left stick yelling "SPRINT, DAMN IT!!"? Well, fret no more! Here are some insights and a solution for the sprint cooldown problem!


First of all, you have to understand the mechanics of sprint. All guardians have an invisible "stamina" bar that depletes as you run (duh). Unlike other games, even when your stamina is completely depleted in Destiny, you can still continue your sprint until you stop or perform actions that require you to stop. However, past certain "tiers" (that will be explain later, read on) of stamina, your sprint cooldown will kick in while it "recovers". So good so far? Now on to the experiment!


Console used: PS4

Weapon used (For consistency): Nirwen's Mercy

Subclass used: Warlock mainly. A little on Hunter and Titan

Procedure: Run for a certain duration, record the time it takes to be able to sprint again.

Please be informed that these timings are rough estimates as he do not have the equipment or know-how to narrow it down to a more accurate timing. 

Sprint time / Sprint Cooldown (Units in seconds)

~5 / 0

5~10 / 2

11 / 2.5

12 / 2.8

13 / 3

14 / 3.5

14~ / 4

All cooldown timings beyond 10 seconds sprint times are not specific! But roughly around the numbers stated. As you can see, the stamina has "tiers" to them. At certain sprint times, your cooldown will vary. Here comes a little segment that I do not totally understand.

Procedure: Sprint at different timings and perform as many slides as possible till unable to sprint, cooldown recorded. Due to the lack of knowledge, sprint time is substituted with weapon swing. Every 3 swings is roughly he second not including the first one since it is almost instant.

Weapon swing??

Yes. It is the motion in which your weapon swings left and right as you're sprinting. Weapon swinging always starts with left. E.g. Left right left is considered 3 swings. (Sounds pretty stupid in retrospect. But he don't know how else to do it. D:) Keep in mind his using Nirwen's Mercy for these weapon swings! Different weapons have different swing rate. Especially heavy weapons.

No. weapon swings / Slides performed / Cooldown

1 (instant) / 3 / 1

2 / 3 / 1.5

3 / 2 / 1

4 / 2 / 1

5~6 / 2 / 1.5

7~9 / 2 / 1.8

10 / 2 / 2

11~15 / 1 / 1

16~ / 1 / 2

Again, every 3 swings equal 1 second not including the first swing. E.g. 4 = 1 sec, 7 = 2 sec, 10 = 3 sec etc.

He did not continue past 25 (8 sec) because he realized it should follow the same cooldowns as the main experiment. In other words, past 16 swings (5 sec), it is better to end with a sprint since your cooldown timer is the same! Might be wrong though... will update in the next 24 hours. Time constraint, forgot to test further.

What if?

Now, he know there are certain questions you might wanna ask because he actually asked them myself (to myself). If you have any questions that he did not state here, feel free to ask!

Can sprinting into melee cancel the sprint cooldown?

-No. Tried it on all classes.

How about ADS?


Double tap crouch button?

-Nope. BUT he tried it with Shadestep and... it still doesn't cancel the cooldown! It does, however, act like a 2 seconds timer. So you can sprint for 10 seconds, Shadestep (it's a little faster than 2 seconds) and continue sprinting!

How about when using MIDA?

-Although he can't test MIDA with the side experiment due to MIDA having faster swing rate, he can still use MIDA for the main experiment... Nope, with or without Lightweight. But you do cover longer distance.

Since 4 seconds of sprint time has 0 cooldown, can he sprint for 4 seconds, stop, continue sprinting for another 4 seconds, stop and then rinse and repeat?

-Unfortunately, no. Your sprint time will stack if you do so. he even tried stopping/walking for a second in-between every 4 seconds of sprint, doesn't work. You can, however, wait 2 seconds in-between every 4 second sprint to rinse and repeat this method but that's inefficient use of "stamina".

Does agility affects cooldown or sprint time tiers?

-No. At least not significantly enough to make a difference; maybe in the decimal regions? My money is on "No" though. Tested it many times.


Now, the segment 99% of you have been waiting for. HOW TO BYPASS THE SPRINT COOLDOWN?? His not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere, he did a quick search but found nothing. he actually discovered this while performing my experiment.


Yes, this is the solution. Might not be that useful in PvP or even PvE... but it's something at least?

Also, jump abilities DO NOT contribute to the reduction of stamina. So feel free to use them! This does mean that Titans can skate all day without fear of the sprint cooldown though...

Watch the video at your own risk; it is basically 1 minute of my guardian sprint jumping and performing a sprint right at the end of the minute.

If you're not convinced, try it out!

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Credits: Special thanks to Miazure for the guide and videos.


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