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Destiny Tip: Skull of Dire Ahamkara Allows You to Tank a Direct Hammer of Sol Hit


Okay. for those people complaining that Hammer of Sol is OP, then here's a proof that it's not that Overpowered as it can be tanked!

It looks like the Skull of Dire Ahamkara can tank a direct hammer of Sol hit! Well, so much for those guardians saying that the Hammer of Sol can't be countered or it's just soo powerful that it needs to be nerfed!

Don't believe me? Then see it for yourself here>http://i.imgur.com/db66C8Z.gifv

As you can see on the short video, the guardian 1 was hit by the massive Hammer of Sol but in the end, HE LIVES! And he managed to kill the Titan! Lol.. How he do that? With the help of Skill of Dire Ahamkara of course!

The most frustrating thing about Hammers was that if you use Nova in front of them they could kill me instantly during my animation and survive. It was infuriating. But no more. Skull now gives you a true counter to that god-tier super.

Plus, getting The Hunger for free allows you to have the best Nova possible and the best energy drain. Embrace the Void gives you the fasted grenade cooldown possible on any class. So go get your Skull while it's hot and go make some Titans cry.

At that time when JaydSky was hit by a Hammer of Sol, he was just using low armour (WTF).

Oh by the way, this freakin' awesome tip was shared by a redditor named JaydSky and if somebody deserves credits on sharing this tip, it should be him...

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