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Destiny Tip: How Not to Die While Detonating the Orbs (Corrupted Lights) on Oryx Fight in Hardmode

The majority of groups will stagger Oryx, then have the relic runner shoot at his chest, the roamer shoot at adds and the 4 others run for the orbs. Sometimes people die to adds, imo completely unnecessary.

After Oryx staggers, you have a LOT of time (about half a minute). As soon as he staggers, everyone stay IN the aura and just kill the adds. Spend a good 10-15 seconds, front guys shoot front adds, back guys shoot back adds. ToM on all players helps a lot. When adds are all dead, run to your orbs in perfect safety, detonate in sync (countdown helps) and run back, laughing at the 2-3 leftover thrall who have no chance in hell of killing you.

N.B.: One guy must keep shooting Oryx's chest to keep it open, so the bombs can do their damage. A single ToM spammed is enough. As pointed out by Anime-Summit below, and proven by the 2-man Oryx videos, you only need to shoot Oryx just before bombs go off. Meaning all 6 can clear adds and then 4 scurry off to detonate while 2 stay behind and poke Oryx's chest again to open it up.

There you have it. One phase of the fight made super easy.

The video below is a proof that this strategy works:

This is a video of people running Oryx NM detonating 16 orbs at once. To do that, they just never detonate orbs until the very end. Note Oryx staggers at 1:55 and "regains the favor of darkness" at 2:32, meaning he became immune to bombs roughly 37 seconds after stagger. That means it's perfectly acceptable to spend 10-15 seconds clearing adds before heading out to detonate. I don't think this timer is any different in HM.

Bonus Tip: If you have a Nighstalker in your team, then you have him throw "Vanish in Smoke" on everyone. When combined with the Runner continuing to shoot Oryx and the floater finishing off remaining ads, we found this very easy and effective. Just huddle everyone together real quick and throw it on the GROOOUUUUNNND..

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Credits: Special thanks to villansv for the tip.