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Destiny: The Taken King Stormcaller Perpetual Charge Dominance Build

Here's an interesting build for Stormcallers. This build for the Stormcaller Warlock class is made for constant DPS. May convert a few unbelieving Titans and Hunters :).

Apologies for the grenade, it's supposed to be the Storm grenade
The Stormcaller lags a bit behind the other classes in terms of damage output and functionality for 2/3's of it's upgrade cycle, what one needs is the very last perk: Perpetual Charge.


Claws Of Ahamkara- The fact that one can store 2 melees makes them a must. They were sold by Xur last week.

Armor pieces with "Gain bonus super energy from grenade kills." Or, "Gain bonus super energy from melee kills." They will be very useful in charging that super very quickly. This build ensures it.


Grenade- Storm Grenade: Best AoE and damage. The Pulse grenade is not as effective, but still usable.

Glide- Focused Burst: The speed of this glide makes it a must-have for escaping hairy situations where the other glides would make you floof slowly and get you killed mid-air.

(Super) Stormtrance: Landfall. Since this is a more close and personal build, with the melees and whatnot, Landfall is highly recommended. The disorienting effect can/will save your life in hairy situations. The other options are OK too. Feel free to fiddle.

(Melee charge) Thunderstrike- Chain Lightning. The other options are perfectly fine, but Chain Lightning offers more damage potential. It's also useful for when you have to smaller enemies in close proximity: You hit one enemy directly and most of that damage also hits the other. If using the Claws of Ahamkara, you can hit one directly, then hit the other directly and you get 2 kills (Rather fun and effective).


Full Armor and Recovery is recommended for this build. You'll last longer.

Ability Modifier #1- Feedback. Having the ability to recharge your melee to its fullest (Gaining even more damage) is a must. If using the Claws of Ahamkara, you can hit an enemy three times in rapid succession, having a higher chance to score the kill. Melee the enemy twice and on the last one, let the enemy melee you (I always chuckle because I'm reminded of the scene in The Dark Knight, where Joker is taunting Batman to hit him with the Bat-pod: "Hit me. Hit me... HIT ME!") and more often than not you will end up scoring that kill... And that is very important because...

Ability Modifier #2- Perpetual Charge. Perpetual Charge is the strongest aspect of this build (And the Stormcaller subclass, imo.) and is extremely useful. Literally: Charge your Grenade on Melee(Charged) kills, charge your Melee on Grenade kills. With Claws of Ahamkara this ability can charge BOTH your allotted melee charges. I recommend taking it out for a test run on Crota's End, in the Thrall Abyss section. One can easily reach the end without using either your weapons or Super ability.

Bonus Tips: 

The Exotic Auto Rifle, Monte Carlo, has an ability that charges your melee ability, with a high chance to proc. Highly recommended... Or just wait till you get meleed.

In this build, you need to focus mainly on Intellect. Discipline and Strength are not really necessary since you'll get them from using the build as is. And lastly, try to go for armors that have the "Gain bonus super energy from melee/grenade kills". Hope it helps, give it a whirl.

Okay, now we need some testers for this build! 

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