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Destiny: The Taken King "The Motes of Light Technique" - Never Worry About Glimmer, Legendary Marks, or Leveling New Gear Again!

Presenting! shmalcolm "motes of light technique" that will earn you glimmer, legendary marks and leveling new gear with ease!

What's the benefits of this technique?
  • By doing this you make so much glimmer that to be force to keep yourself from being maxed. You have to buy ~5 heavy synthesis after you do 2-3 Vanguard Heroic Strikes.
  • By doing this, you will never need to earn XP for any of the exotics, or legendaries you want to try out. You just max them out immediately using this Motes of Light technique.
  • This technique nets me 5 Legendary Marks per legendary item dismantled instead of 3.
So those are the benefits that I get from doing the motes of life technique.

How is it done?

Step 1: Save all of the blues you acquire in various strikes, patrols, etc. They are they keys to the Motes of Light castle.

Step 2: When you have ~8 blues of each kind of weapon, and around 5 blues of each kind of armor, and ~20 motes of light, get ready to rumble.

Step 3: Equip your blues in every slot, except the slot with a piece of gear you want to level up. It's possible to level up multiple armor pieces, but you won't get as many Motes of Light back from blues in the process. I've leveled 2-3 legendary peices of gear in tandem before, and you usually end up losing around 10 motes of light if you do.

Step 4: Use motes to level your gear, dismantling the blues when they get enough experience to return 2 motes of light.

Below is an approximation (or known number) of motes required to level up gear to the point of getting 2 motes of light back.

Blue gear
  • Primary/Secondary Weapons: ~10-12 motes
  • Heavy Weapons: Exactly 5 motes
  • Head/Hands/Chest/Feet: 16 motes
  • Cloak: ~12 motes
  • Artifact/Ghost: ~10 motes (but blues only return 1 mote)
For the sake of demonstrating the concept of leveling up a new cloak looted from Kings Fall. Lets also say its takes 32 motes of light to do this.

If you will use the Mote of Light Technique, consuming 32 motes of light to level this cloak while leveling/dismantling/replacing the other slots with blues, you will get these returns for each slot of gear:
  • Primary Weapon: +6 motes of light (3 weapons at 10 motes per weapon, returning 6)
  • Secondary Weapon: +6 motes of light (3 weapons at 10 motes per weapon, returning 6)
  • Heavy Weapon: +12 motes of light (6 weapons at 5 motes per weapon, returning 12)
  • Head/Hands/Chest/Feet: +16 motes of light (I'm combining these slots because they all require 16. So you'll consume 2 blues of those four slots and net back 2 motes per blue. 242=16)
  • Ghost/Artifact: +3-6 motes (i never acquire enough ghosts to really use them in this technique, so lets say 3)
Summing these returns, we get 6 + 6 + 12 + 16 + 3 = 41 motes of light back from the blues equipped in all slots but cloak, while charging the cloak we want to level up with 32 motes of light. This means that using this technique has actually gained us 9 motes of light. These are approximations, but it is safe to say that you'll end a cycle of the technique with more motes than what you have from the started.
  • Purple Gear: Haven't paid as much attention because of bouncing around and dismantling my blues when they're ready, but they seem to consume between 50 and 100% more motes of light to level up.
IMPORTANT PURPLE GEAR FACT: Legendary Armor and Weapons only requires you to give it 50% of the total experience (or 3/6 bubbles filled for armor and half the bubbles for weapons) to net you the 5 marks and 3 motes of light.

If you dismantle all available gear as soon as it will net you 2 motes (or 5 marks/3 motes in the case of legendaries you dont want), you will be able to net back 100% of the motes of light you use in the process.

The key to this strategy is having a PLETHORA of BLUE HEAVY WEAPONS. They only take 5 motes of light to charge, and will return 2 motes to you. When you consider the fact that those 5 motes you used to charge the weapon also give you 5 mote charges to every other slot, you will hopefully see what I'm getting at.

This is really sloppily done so if there are other people who can make a prettier guide that'd be great. 

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Credits: Special thanks to shmalcolm for sharing this very good advice.