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Destiny: The Taken King King's Fall Raid Hardmode Guide (How to Kill Oryx + Solo Gaze on Golgoroth Strategy in HM)

Okay, this page might help you in a way, if you are currently doing hardmode of King's Fall Raid.

This page will give you some strategies and guides on how to finish Hardmode of King's Fall Raid. To be exact, it will give you some guides on the strategies of killing Oryx, soloing gaze at golgoroth and the different mechanics on the hardmode raid.

But before we see some nitty-gritty strategy guide, let's clear up some misinformations about the HM of King's Fall Raid.

If you completed normal this week, you can still get loot from the Totems chest and from the Daughters chest in Hard Mode. When you completed normal you took the shards out and the chance at normal raid items. That's it.

For example you just looted Daughters in Hard Mode and got nothing. This is what happened.
  • Moldering Shards are gone, you took them in normal.
  • No class item rating from 300-310, you used your roll in normal.
  • No shotgun rating from 300-310, you used your roll in normal.
  • No Harrowed Class item, sorry RNG gave you nothing, you didn't get shards neither, because those are gone already.
  • No Harrowed Shotgun for the same reason as the harrowed class item.
  • This occurred in Normal all the time, but you got just shards. You aren't getting the shards in Hard Mode because you took them already in normal.
Conclusion: You got nothing from the Totems chest and the Daughters chest because you missed a loot roll, not because you were ineligible from normal.

How to Kill Oryx + Solo Gaze Golgoroth Strategy in HM

Hardmode Oryx Encounter:

Only new addition is the spawning of Knights after each Ogre is killed. Took us a while to figure out what triggered the Knights as well as where they spawned. The knights will go around and defuse/take away the bombs left by the ogres, which is the only way to damage Oryx.

The Knights spawn based on location of Ogres that are killed
For example:

R1 (Front/door Right) platform Oryx slams his fist an Ogre then Spawns at R1. After Ogre is killed at R1 a Knight will spawn at L1 (Front/Door Left)

Next an Ogre will spawn in the counter clockwise same as normal at R2 (Back/Space Right) once that ogre is dead a Knight will spawn at L2 (Back/Space Left) then Ogre L2...dies a Knight spawns at R2.

Get the picture the Knight spawns opposite of the Ogre that is killed but still on its distinct side. An Ogre killed on the front side will spawn a Knight on the front side but opposite platform.

The way we mitigated this was have the assigned guardian on the platform kill their respective knight.

Pretty much came down to a gear check because there was a major snowball effect if the ogres and adds were not kill quickly enough. Using a weapons of light in the middle of the room like shown in the video helped immensely. Other then that same fight hope this helps some and please include any tips you may have found below.

If you don't know the basic Oryx Mechanics:

Solo Gaze Guide:

Also, this guide have included the solo gaze strategy that worked on normal actually works incredibly well on Hardmode, Only added mechanic is someone will get a debuff that is like a time bomb. Their screen will flash and they will detonate once their time runs out causing AOE damage to all around them. That aoe damage can even hurt Golgoroth. That is the only addition. With the solo gaze you may have to do one more round due to his increased health.

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Credits: Special thanks to BomberFD for the walkthrough of HM and for the Solo Gaze strategy on Golgoroth HM and, to aksoileau for clearing up the misinformations that has been spreading on the Destiny universe.