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Destiny: The Taken King Exclusive Legendary List & Location Guide

In this page, you will see all the Exclusive Legendary in Destiny: The Taken King and, it will give you the exact location on where to find them.

Item NameItem TypeClassAssociated Strike(s)
Helm of KrolokHelmetHunterSummoning Pits?
Devouring HelmHelmetWarlockFallen S.A.B.E.R.
Darkblade HelmHelmetTitanSunless Cell
Solar Flayer MantleClass ItemHunterDust Palace
Void Flayer MantleClass ItemHunterDust Palace
Arc Flayer MantleClass ItemHunterDust Palace
Cloak of TaniksClass ItemHunterThe Shadow Thief
Omnigul BondClass ItemWarlockThe Will of Crota
Mark of the Undying MindClass itemTitanUndying Mind
Theosyion VibrissaeGauntletsWarlockEcho Chamber
Mau'ual's MaulersGauntletsTitanShield Brothers
Imago LoopPrimaryAll ClassesUndying Mind / Echo Chamber
Treads Upon StarsPrimaryAll ClassesCerberus Vae III / Dust Palace / Shield Brothers
Grasp of MalokPrimaryAll ClassesThe Will of Crota
Does Not BowPrimaryAll ClassesThe Shadow Thief
Darkblade's SpiteSpecialAll ClassesSunless Cell
Baron's AmbitionHeavyAll ClassesFallen S.A.B.E.R. / The Shadow Thief

Playlist LevelStatus
Director (Map selection screen)Confirmed to drop
Level 20 (Legacy)Confirmed to drop
Level 36Confirmed to drop
Level 41 (Heroic)Confirmed to drop
Theosyion Vibrissae Gauntlets are unfortunately PS Exclusives!
  • Reports are coming in that a few items can be found on multiple strikes!
  • It seems the weapons are available on more than 1 strike each. Reports coming in from them being dropped on strikes related to their designers.