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Destiny: The Taken King Armsday Week 5

  • Do not consume your Armsday orders for today from your inventory. This deletes them, just bring them to the Gunsmith.
  • Do your field test weapons before picking up your orders. If you earn a new Gunsmith rank, you should have an extra pickup option for each of your orders. This works up to Gunsmith Level 3.
  • However, make sure to pick them up before Sunday, when Xur leaves the tower. Gunsmith orders end then.
Again, we have a week of no Crucible and no Heavy weapons, with another focus primarily on patrolling the Dreadnaught. Should be easy hunting!

Häkke Test-A - Auto Rifle

Use Against Cabal

Pretty decent AR here but low clip size. At least it gets the damage with the lower half of each clip. Hunt the Cabal at the start of your Dreadnaught patrol or up ahead at the Mausoleum.

Häkke Test-A - Pulse Rifle

Make Precision Shots

Pulse rifle with precision shots, really shouldnt be too hard, especially with the patented Häkke 4-shot burst. Do this wherever you'd like, but again, patrolling Dreadnaught seems to be the main goal here this week.

Suros TSP-10

Use Against Hive

Lightweight isn't much help here, but at least it's a simple goal. Want this done super-fast, go to Siege of the Warmind. Otherwise, go wild yet again on the Dreadnaught, just be sure to pair it with...

Häkke Test-A - Shotgun

Use Against Hive

Man, Häkke is out in force this week. Bonus melee after landing a hit is a nice little perk, but honestly this thing should rip through any lesser Hive it even touches. Same places as the previous weapons should work well.

Omolon Test RR1

Use Against Fallen Captains

There's always one that has to do with the Fallen...your best shot is on patrol on Earth just over in the Mothyards. There are three respawning Captains in that zone - One in the higher cave you jump off the angled wing into, one in the cave directly underneath the Skywatch, and a third at the actual entrance to the Skywatch itself.

Note: The "higher cave", the one that requires you to jump off of an isolated, angled wing to get into, is clearly the best grind spot for this. After each clear of the small cave, you can run outside and away just a bit, wait about five seconds, then double jump to respawn the enemies inside. You can get 10 Captain kills in about four minutes with this method.

This week's Armsday Order (Special Auto Rifle edition!) weapons are:
  • Häkke Zarinaea-D - Auto Rifle
  • Suros ARI-41
  • Suros ARI-45
  • Suros JLB-47
  • Omolon Uzume RR4

Where do I pick up the field-test weapons?

At the Gunsmith in the Tower, his stock will refresh once weekly.

When is the weekly refresh?

Wednesdays at 5AM ET/2AM PT, now deemed Armsday.

How does placing orders work?

Every Armsday (Wednesday), a new set of legendary level weapons will be available for you to place orders on. They are available at the Gunsmith at the tower, and these weapons change each week. For every level you have reached with the Gunsmith, you may order one weapon, maxing out at level 3 (for 3 picks). The weapon will be delivered the next Armsday, until which the order package will appear as an unequipable weapon in your inventory.

How long do I have to place orders before the next Armsday?

As of Week 2, the cutoff appears to be when Xûr leaves the tower on Sunday.

How do I get my ordered weapons?

The orders that sit in your inventory will be openable on Armsday by bringing them to the gunsmith. You will have an option to pick one of three variations of the weapon, with different perks and possible elemental choices.

How do we turn in the quests when we are done with the weapon?

You don’t. As soon as the weapon signifies to you that you have finished its field test, you are automatically rewarded with the XP towards your Gunsmith rank.

How much XP do you earn per weapon?

250 XP. Each Gunsmith level appears to be 1500 rep up to level 3, 2000 rep after meaning it would take you six weapons to level up.

Can’t I just give these weapons all to one character across my whole account for 3x the rep?

No. Gunsmith field test weapons cannot be put into the vault. Each character you have can only use these guns once each towards Gunsmith XP.

What do I do with the guns once finished?

Whatever you want. There is no need to hold on to them once completed.

How many Crucible kills do I need to finish [Insert Weapon]?

Ten kills in total with secondaries and heavies but 25 with primaries, with the weapon itself, not just with it equipped. Assists count as a kill.

Kills against [Insert Enemy] aren’t counting, why?

Unless the field test specifies that kills are to be done against elite enemies (yellow heath), always do your kills against normal red-health enemies. For example, if your goal is to kill Fallen Captains, the Elite Captain at the cave on Venus leading towards the Ketch will not count.