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Bungie Has No Plans on Selling Consumables that Buff King's Fall Drop Rates

When I saw this:

I then remembered that Bungie is introducing silver! So, a thought suddenly pops into my mind that they might be selling consumables for silver! Ohh!! Hell No!!! Thee last thing I want is to spend my silver on was 2 extra shards!

But it looks like I was wrong.... Sorry false alarm! :)

It looks like Bungie has no plans on applying a play to win scheme on Destiny! GOOD JOB BUNGIE!

Aside from what we've heard earlier this day that Bungie will be fixing the underwhelming rewards in Nightfall, another good news has appeared! Luke Smith, one of the developer of Destiny tweeted that they have no plans of selling consumables that will buff the drop rates on King's Fall. 

Here's the tweet guys!

That's good to hear! But the question now is, how to we get those consumables? Someone did asked Luke about this matter and this is what he replied ""The Valorous/Heuristic/Indomitable Light were Three of Coins-like buffs sold by the Speaker for Motes+Planetary Materials (I honestly don't remember exactly what they cost, [but it was never Silver] I can't keep the entire economy in my head) but for a variety of bug-related reasons they were removed. They were also - as has been pointed out - in the data files before TTK shipped." 

So in the end, we have nothing to worry Guardians! The silver will just be intended for cosmetics to make our Guardians look even better and will not be a pay to win scheme. As I recall, Bungie is true to their words and never failed to impress me when they announce something in public as they will certainly do it.

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