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Warframe Archwing Interception Tips & Tricks

There are two archwing interception tiles. One sucks, the other doesn't. Always reset until you get the one that doesn't suck, and you'll save loads of time and frustration. Here are the differences.

Good Tileset:

-You start around 1.8k away from the nearest point. Points are arranged in a rough tetrahedron, literally the optimal geometric shape for 4 points in 3d space for transit. Points are about 1k or less away from each other. You can position yourself to have a clear line of fire to every point easily, defending all at once from rogue cappers. Enemies spawn about 1k away, and rarely get stuck, meaning that at the end of a round it doesn't take long at all to clear them (on Erpo, sometimes literally seconds). You also get much more enemies overall than the other tile due to decreased transit time.

Bad Tileset:

-You start 2.6k away from nearest point. Points are arranged in a rough line (2 in the middle), the least optimal possible geometric shape for getting around quickly. You cannot have clear line of sight on all points at once. Enemies spawn 2k+ away and frequently get stuck behind objects (read: every wave you have to fly 2k to get stuck stragglers and then fly 2k back afterwards, often multiple times).

In the most extreme case (soloing interception without an Itzal), you might literally take an extra 10 minutes (almost doubling your time!) to do 4 rounds on the bad tileset vs the good one due to all the extra time you spend cleaning up stragglers and capping at the start. That's a lot of wasted time, especially since you're getting less enemies (and therefore less XP and less mods) the entire time due to increased transit time and more stuck enemies.

If you value your time, it is always, always worth resetting until you get the good tile. And yet, I continue to end up joining games in progress on the bad one, because a lot of people don't know this yet.

Credits: Guide by Drinniol