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Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Ranger Build Guide for Newbies

Abbreviations used in this guide:

PvP = player vs player
PvE= player vs environment
DoT= damage over time (skills that damage opponent for a time limit, e.g., poison)
dmg = damage
inscript= inscription (the skill modifiers that each skill has 3 avaible of)
lvl= level
b/c= because
wep= weapon

This build will make you a crafty sniper in the game, both PVE and PVP. If you are a player that likes maintaining DOT at a steady stream of damage in long range, then this build is probably for you. And lastly, if you love the art of kiting, then this hunter class build is perfectly for you.

Choosing a Class:
You can choose elf for your ranger b/c that's what just seems natural. Pointy ears and pointy arrows...a match made in heaven. Need more of a reason? Fine... They get a 2% critical dmg bonus and critical dmg will be your best friend as a hunter. So that made me choose the elf.

However, you may want defense so you're not a glass-cannon or something else.

Human - 2% Defences
Mendel - 3% Resists
Elf - 2% Critical Damage
Orc - 2% Physical Damage
Kratan - 3% Armor

The build goes like this:

Red= Skill names
Green color= Inscript names

-Triple Strike with Delay inscript
-Passive skill "Thin the Herd" for extra dmg on slowed enemies
-Deadly Trap (planning on using Toxic Trap inscript for DoT)
-Scatter Shot with Blizzard inscript (to have another stun skill)
-Stunning Shot (planning on Eagle Eye inscript for 20% crit chance)

Distance is your friend. so keeping them stunned is an obvious choice (hence Blizzard inscript on Scatter Shot)

Why the Slow Down Inscription?
Been seeing some people take the 30% extra fire dmg inscript (Wildfire) b/c the 15% passive dmg thing seems too little of a reward and by shear numbers 30% dmg> 15% dmg so it totally makes sense...BUT

Two usual things happen in PvP: (1) you begin to win the battle, the opponent sees that and runs, or (2) you start to lose that battle and run.

Case1: rangers can shoot AND run just this alone makes the inscription completely worth it. You are maybe mad that some guy just came by and started attacking you...you want vengeance! You will make him pay in blood! Well, as he runs (even outside the pvp zone) there is a 5 minute cool down for them to be "out of pvp" completely...this means you get 5 mins to continue chasing if you wish. Guess what? This inscript keeps them slower than you the WHOLE time b/c the cool down on Triple Strike is next to nothing. Add your passive (Thin the Herd) onto that and now you're doing bonus dmg the WHOLE time.

Case2: It is still unknown if you can use the teleporting system in the middle of pvp yet (meaning, open map, click a corridor and just go), but never seen one do it so far . There are certain scenarios that you will encounter very strong opponents...but you can hit them with your stun skill (Stunning Shot), slow them down, and run...at higher lvls you have a trap (Deadly Trap) which you can be setting as you run away as a means to "put obstacles" in their path that they will either avoid or take dmg from. In any case, they give up since you have these crafty skills and you are annoying to kill.

This skill is also quite amazing against monsters...kiting is very easy to do when they are slow. They never get near you and you always have bonus dmg on them (yes at the beginning, the bonus dmg may not be much but we are hoping that at higher lvls, that percent dmg will mean A LOT more).

The Triple Strike keeps them always slow and with passive combined, you can do extra dmg. You can also add the Blizzard inscript to the Scatter Shot skill to pin them even longer. In addition, you can also add up poison dmg (Toxic Trap) to your trap (Deadly Trap) to have DoT. So In case you are running away/ kiting, they will at least always be taking dmg from my shots AND poison. Having two skills that can stun/freeze will be useful in continuing to keep the enemy frozen in their tracks and all the while those skills are on cooldown, Triple Strike is slowing them down for you in between the time you can use stun skills again (Scatter Shot with Blizzard and Stunning Shot).

Just a helpful hint on your weapon and item drops from monsters:
As per items and upgrading...stick to your heritage and upgrade that. It is important to keep that thing upgraded to do optimal dmg. Keep all weps that drop from monsters strictly for upgrading your heritage bow. If the wep happens to be something worthwhile, then you can auction it off to make money to fuel upgrading. Everything else  you can get from monster is an instant sell for money to fuel upgrading. With this process, you won't be needing Red Oxide... by the time you have enough of the "aero powder" needed for upgrading to next lvl, your wep has already reached the cap by only using weps  you find. Save all Red Oxide for anything unpredictable in the future that may cause me to really need it.

[NOTICE]: Many rumors says that maybe in the end, it doesn't really matter how you spend skill points b/c they are "farmable"...meaning you will be able to get every single skill with all inscripts... 

What Others have said/suggested:
Member Belukang has nicely put up an alternative build. The one listed above is more of a "defensive" build and his/her build is a "High dmg output" build and looks like this:

Critical chance:
- Elf racial bonus, 2% crit chance
- 15% crit chance from starfire longbow
- stunning shot with eagle eye (20% crit chance for 7 sec)

- triple strike with wildfire (+30% dmg)
- marked man (+20% dmg)
- passive, no mercy (+5% dmg stackable up to 4x after u landed a crit hit)

and don't forget the powerful sniper skill."

-Triple Strike with Delay inscript (great for kiting, pvp, killing in general)
-Stunning Shot (haven't unlocked inscripts yet, planning on using Eagle Eye)
-Scatter Shot with Blizzard inscript
-Deadly Trap (planning on putting poison damage inscript (called Toxic Trap) on it)

-Distance and DoT (damage over time) are your best friends as a ranged class. Two skills that stun (Stunning Shot and Scatter Shot with Blizzard inscript) makes it so you can cycle them with slowing them down (Delay inscript on Triple Strike) in between using those two. Thus opponent is always either stunned or slowed down. Trap with poison (instead of stun) to have a DoT skill to be doing dmg as you kite and shoot.

-Enemy should theoretically always be taking dmg from your DoT (if it hits) and from your ranged attacks (b/c rangers can run AND shoot at the same time). AND enemy should theoretically always be slowed (and taking bonus dmg b/c of passive skill) or stunned.

Source: http://orderandchaos2forum.com/threads/ranger-build-guide-for-beginners.236/