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Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Leveling Guide for All Classes

Here's a leveling guide for all classes in Order and Chaos 2: Redemption. In addition, you will also learn in this page few quests that many people didn't know about.

Levels 1-12: There is a quest chain that starts at level 1 and ends at level 12.

Levels 12-13: You will need to do instant quests until you reach level 13. Instant quests are located on your map, and reset daily, so if you run out of instant quests to do, come back tomorrow.

Levels 13-14: You will be able to receive your next quests at Stone's Throw in Dawnwatch.

Levels 14-15: Instant quests again.

Levels 15-18: Quests start at the beginning of Whitepeak map, in the port.

Levels 18-20: Instant quests yet again, you should get used to them as they are the slowest and most annoying part in leveling here in OAC2.

Levels 20-21: One quest chain can be found in Holy Tree. Note: there is a quest that gives 6000 xp, however after you complete the Holy Tree quest chain the village will change and the quest cannot be completed. I will upload a picture with the location of the quest soon.

Levels 21-23: Instant quests.

Levels 23-24: Right where you remained, in Howling Tundra. It will lead you to Thawton Town, where you have a bunch of quests, but dont get too excited as they wont help you level up quicker than before.

Levels 24-25: Instant quests.

Still working on it. Next quest chain is in Trim Steppes, at level 26.

Bugged quests (cant be completed):

Note: This might get patched in the future.

- "Barrier quest", in the Imperial Outpost, barriers cannot be repaired. (Fixed on windows platform)
- "Elementals quest", in Armistice Crater, looking at the elementals makes the game freeze. (Only on some devices)
- "Book quest": The quest listed above, that gives 6000 xp, after you finish the Holy Tree quest chain the last page cannot be found.

"Secret" quests: Earthen Ruin, left of the portal to the Clay Temple dungeon, a mob will give a quest worth 6000 xp and a skill book. Behind him is a temple-like building (without a roof). Follow the stairs to the left or right until you reach the top of the hill. On your side should be a red building, inside is a ghostly figure and a chest. The chest gives a very easy quest worth 13000 xp and a skill manual.

The book quest (listed above).

Important Note: This leveling guide is still a work-in-progress. If new leveling guide that will be much easier than mentioned above, then this page will be updated without further notice.