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Guild Wars 2 Open World PvE Sinister Burn Elementalist Build

What's up guys! Here's a little build I have found for Ele in GW2.  It is perfect for open world PvE and can do pretty good in many dungeon situations as well depending on group composition and party skill.

Here's a screenshot of the build:

If you want to see the clearer view of the build, you can check it out on this link>>http://de.gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQJAoYhcMouh9NwsB8RMIAYRAIUeAmYwOoIUbymYaA-e

Bonus Tip: Use Runes of Balthazar with this build and you will definitely love this build further.

This build uses Sinister gear for everything. Sigils is up to you but you can also run corruption and smoldering but if you use condi food to lengthen your fire/bleeds than smoldering is not needed for a sigil.

You will surely love this build as you will experience a unique gameplay experience using this build on your Ele. It can spam those Signets with no down side. Sig of Air is your stun breaker and Sig of Earth for pinning your foe.

You pretty much camp fire and most things will die so quickly you don’t need to swap attunements. For longer fights you can start going through a more normal might stacking D/D rotation but instead of camping Air I stay in Earth longer until my Fire CD’s are ready. Remember this has Evasive Arcana so while in fire/combat I like to roll towards the enemy for more fire stacks:-)

You can also try the Aristocracy runes from CM on my condi engi as you will definitely love them too. If you like to use a more traditional D/D might stacking rotation then these runes would be great for that.

For larger meta events or group play you can change out a signet for Ice Bow (which is good to have in any situation anyways), put in a defensive utility if needed and use the Elite Elemental if you need the Earth or Water elemental. Glyph of Storms can work well too with Firestorm. For dungeons you might want to use focus for it’s defense.

Tried this on Silverwastes and melting everything so quickly was very rewarding! Even soloing those pesky veterans.