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Grand Chase M Info Sheet - UPDATED Lemar Patch (Android/iOs)

In this page, you will learn a lot of information on Grand Chase M. This includes info on Hero Cards, Lab Drop Locations, Essence Farming Location, New Weapon Info (WIP), New Armor Info (WIP), New Necklace Info (WIP) and New Ring Info (WIP).

Hello Everyone,

As many of you already know, we have a few people working on gathering information via Google Spreadsheets regarding: Hero Cards, Weapons, Armors, Necklaces, and Rings equips.

This includes crafting materials for equips, where to obtain them, and every option/enhancement available for them. However, this is a work in progress and we need everyone's assistance to complete it!

Please provide drop location and/or screenshots of the redistribute/reroll (Options/Enhancements)

Drop Location: Legendary Mode - Any Map - Ancient Weapon Box

Click the image below to go to the Grand Chase M Info Sheet.

Source: http://gcm.eyedentity-mobile.com/