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Grand Chase M Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategy (Android/iOs)


  • Stages consist from 1-1 - 18-10.
  • They vary in continents Serdin -> Kanaban -> Silver Land -> Ellia Continent -> Atum -> Xenia Contient.
  • Cost- Each stages will cost SP points (in normal stages will consume 3 SP per stage).
  • Stage Rewards -There are stage rewards for each stage and to obtain the reward you must complete the stage however many times it asks. ( Yes you can repeat them over and over)
  • Enemies - Enemies are the enemies you will face.
  • Rewards - Rewards can be a bit tricky those are potential rewards but don't be surprised if you get rewards that are less in stars.
  • Battle Order - Used to automatically complete the stage only if you have completed the stage with a 3 star grade.
  • * Under each stage it will show a symbol of one of the elements meaning that, the selected stage will consist of monsters of that element. (Helpful to farm a specific type of monster)*
  • Used to view your team.


Hero Draw
  • Costs 80K gold rewards there is no guarantee meaning you can get a 1 star (not sure about that but I got a 2 star)
  • Gem Draw - guarantees a 3 star minimum up to 5 stars. Using 10 draws you get an extra that is guaranteed to be a 4 star
Equipment Draw
  • Costs 50K gold rewards there is no guarantee of what you can obtain.
  • Gem Draw - guarantees a 3 star minimum up to 6 stars. Using 10 draws you get an extra that is guaranteed to be a 6 star 
Card Draw
  • Costs 50K gold rewards there is no guarantee of what you can obtain.
  • Gem Draw - guarantees a 3 star minimum up to 6 stars. Using 10 draws you get an extra that is guaranteed to be a 6 star Rest of the shop is pretty straight forward.
Dimension Crack
  • Endless dungeon used to obtain gold. Each dungeon will consist of 5 rounds. At the end of each round you don't heal like in adventure. However at the end of the dungeon your cooldowns do reset.
  • *IMPORTANT NOTE* In this mode you are able to use more than one team just make sure to put them in the order you would like them to enter in. *my personal best results consisted of healers and the first team to be the strongest*
Battle Arena
  • PVP
Wanted List
  • Only get 2 chances but can reset with 100 gems used to obtain essences. Cost 5 AP
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Chest    Fire        Water     Tree            Metal       Earth  Gold Chest

Hall of Heroes
  • Used to summon heroes to battle against to obtain their card. (not the character itself but the card enhancement) Cost AP
  • Pretty straightforward. Only 2 chances. After beating the first raid boss the next one is a level higher and your chance is not lost. Able to use multiple teams as well, hence the title "Raid".
Wizard's Labyrinth
  • Cost 5 AP
  • Used to obtain essences, fragments, powders, stones, and enhance stones.
  • Gear can be found 6* as well
  1. Fire > Weapon
  2. Water > Armor
  3. Tree > Necklace
  4. Metal > Ring
  5. Earth > Enchantment Materials
  • 1f - Shadow Crow, fairy rage
  • 2f - Eye of daybreak, fairy rage
  • 3f - aruel bow , rouge catle knight hammer, arenasis staff
  • 4f and 5f- Frost Spear and Golden Dagger, Prominent will
  • 2f - Gold Skeleton Shield, gon leather armor
  • 3f - Aruel Leather Armor , Arenasis Robe, Rouge Castle Knight Cast Iron Armor
  • 4f - Eternal Robe, Dragon Scale Armor
  • 5f - white light armor, Pursuer Bandana
  • 1f -
  • 2f - Aruel Necklace,
  • 3f - Monster Hunter Necklace
  • 4f - Gold Goblin Necklace, Necklace of Madness
  • 5f - necklace of destiny
  • 2f - Arenasis Ring
  • 3f - Human Hunter Ring
  • 4f Gold Goblin necklace (ring), Ring of Madness
  • 5f mysterious ring
Spreadsheet on info on items characters and such (credit to.... not me)


  • Built up throughout the battle
  • Accumulated, can be saved and to be used in Dimensional Crack, Wizard's Labyrinth, Adventure, Wanted List
  • Chase can only be built up by human heroes up to 5 heroes.
  • Cooldowns aren't stated but they exist
  • Cooldowns will go down in-between battles however no skill is completely available to be use at the start of a battle besides specials.
  • There are delays in casting so if you cast heal your character may die before being healed and it will go to waste.
  • Will use skills when available
  • Will heal only if HP drops below the heal amount ( you can manually cast heal)
  • Will not use Specials.
  • Tapping on a skill will use the skill or put it on reserve meaning that it will be used immediately when available.
Beginner's guide

  • Best way to obtain them is through the event and PVP rank ups (without using money)
  • Use gems early on Hero cards preferably 10+1 to guarantee a 4 star hero.
  • Use mostly on skills to make your heroes stronger (use on heroes that you will use on your main team)
  • Don't worry about upgrading equipment early on
  • Try and clear all the stages ASAP don't worry about getting 3 stars they are useless unless you plan on using battle orders early on which is a bad idea.
  • Tips to beating stages that you are stuck at: save your specials for boss stages ( X-5 and X-10 stages) or any stage your are stuck at.
  • Use on dimension crack only when you are unable to beat the next stage. It will allow you to get further into the dungeon thus maximizing your AP usage and time.
  • Use on other stuff to complete dailies
  • Complete the event quests ASAP
  • Battle quests make sure you are up to date with the first quest (typically it will consist of completing a stage like 2-10 normal and so on.)
  • Do dailies as needed (preferably after AP and SP are used unless you are stuck)
  • Upgrade your skills when available if possible.
  • Teams should consist of 2 tanks and 1 healer , 2 DPS whichever is better for your team
  • Essence farming spots
  • For lower levels (using certificate)
  • (will edit after update)
  • For higher levels (Auto Battle)
  • To promote a hero you the character needs to be Max level
  • 25 essence for 2 star to 3 star
  • 50 essence for 3 star to 4 star
  • 100 essence for 4 star to 5 star
  • 200 essence for 5 star to 6 star
Stats (credited to Soulink)
  • Physical Attack increases auto attack, physical skill and special damage.
  • Magic Attack increases the damage of magic skills and specials.
  • ATK speed increases auto attack speed.
  • Accuracy reduces your characters chance to miss.
  • Skill Cooldown Decrease reduces ability cooldowns and most likely passive internal cooldowns.
  • Critical Damage Rate adds bonus damage to critical strikes.
  • Critical Rate increases the chance to proc a critical strike.
  • Evade rate increases the chance for attacks to miss you (I haven'tnoticed skills and specials missing, so idk if they can miss or not)
  • Physical Defense reduces damage from auto attacks and physical skills
  • Magic Resist reduces damage from Magic skills and specials
  • Acquire vitality increases the amount of vitality you gain when you gain it (vitality is your special bar)
  • Absorb HP heals you with your auto attacks. There is flat amount foreach auto and a % option (I believe the % option heals you for thatpercent of the damage your auto deals.
  • HP increases Hit Points
Things I Don't Know
- STR increases Phys Atk, Phys Def, HP
- DEX increases Phys Atk, Crit Rate, Evade Rate, Accuracy
- INT increases Mag Atk, Mag Resit, Mag Def
- Tenacity: someone tell me this decreases the debuff duration on your character

-Attribute Additional Damage (I cannot tell if it increases the damage of the character that has it if they are that attribute or the damage
against characters/monsters with that attribute) The few tests I've done haven't really shown much difference for either case, this stat may be broken at the moment.

-Additional Damage on Types (Same story as with the Attribute Additional Damage)
Strength/Dexterity/Intellect (It is kind of obvious that Strength is probably for defenders, Dexterity is for attackers and Intellect is for

Additional Damage for Monster Types (This is on the monster hunter necklace and that is one thing that made me really start questioning these attribute and type damage bonuses. It makes 0 sense for this to increase a monster types damage, being called monster hunter and all, BUT it reads like it does.) I also have not seen an Additional Damage on Human Types. Support/Healers, BUT I have no idea how the stats affect them in the slightest. I could also be totally wrong about it being type specific.)

Feel stuck???
If you got the team that you are looking for focus on 10 equipment box for 6 star gear to enhance.
Don't use card summons, gear will get you a higher power spike.
If you really want cards you can actually farm cards by finding the hero stones to summon them.

Credits: Guide by VerryCherry