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Dragon Nest New Skill Awakening System Revealed

In the most recent Developer conference held in Japan, the Dragon Nest team revealed that they will be adding a new feature on the game and it is called the Skill Awakening System. 

Well, actually this system is not new to us as it has also been found on the Dragon Nest CN client. When the developer were asked about, if they are to developer new skills for each classes in Dragon Nest, they clearly stated that they are NOT because it's too costly to do so. 

Instead of adding new skills, they will introduce a NEW SKILL AWAKENING SYSTEM in the near feature, starting with the Korean Server of Dragon Nest.

What is this new Skill Awakening System?

Skill awakening will provide various active and passive skills, which define the new combat style for all classes. New skill names and skill icons have been found in the latest Dragon Nest CN client.

There seems to be a new item which has the description “a book which records the method to use the awakened power of hidden heroes”.

A few active & passive skill names related to Skill Awakening mode are listed below:

Awakening Mastery (A)
Awakening Mastery (B)
Swordsman of Infinity
Stance of Swordsman
Punishment of Swordsman
Awakening Mastery I
Awakening Mastery II
Demolition Axe
Side Step
Impact of Swordsman
Hammer of Swordsman
Sword of Bravery

Confused eh? Yup! Like me, I can't clearly define yet what is this new Skill Awakening System they are talking about. All I know is that it has something to do with the skills of each classes in Dragon Nest. For now, it's just safe to say that we will have a new system in Dragon Nest and, let's cross our fingers and hope that it will be a good one.