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Destiny: The Taken King Player Experience- 3 of Coins Every 5 Minutes: The Ultimate Test

This is not my own experience guys but I thought it's a good experience to share to other Guardians.

In the experience shared by parzival1423, he learned something really important about 3 of Coins. Check out his whole experience below.

Credits: 3 of Coins Every 5 Minutes: The Ultimate Test by parzival1423

So guys, I have now devoted 6 whole hours of my life to 3 of Coins. Why is that you may ask. Well...mostly because of SCIENCE. And because it's going so well so far :)

Basically guys, here's what I'm doing. At this moment I am farming Draksis on a STRICT 5 minute timer. I'm using my iPad. I kill Draksis, start the timer. At 5 minutes, I activate another one, and shoot him again. Plus, I'm starting off with 74 3oC. Why not 75? Well, I had a spare Wormsinger rune, and wanted to dispel or prove that that ogre gave you a guaranteed engram. It did not, so that guy's post where him and all his friends somehow all got an exotic primary, was just the luckiest possible bunch ever.

So far I am at 63 coins, and the results are PROMISING. I will use all 74, and it will take a while, and I WILL EDIT this post when I am done, so bookmark. I do have a 2 hour class in an hour and a half, so you'll have to wait longer than 6 hours before we can know. But in just 10 coins, I got 4x the amount I got by rushing 10+ coins. ;) (started off with 85ish)

Like I said, this is a post I will edit with the final results when I'm done. In the meantime, go have fun 5 min farming :P

RESULTS EDIT #1: Th numbers indicate how many 3oC I had before The actiavation of 1, then boss kill, then an engram drop.
(Between 63 and 62, played Daily. I'm super stoked!).
(I left at 57 for 2 hour class).
(Went to orbit and came back at 45. Still nothing).
(I'm friggin PISSED. It's been an hour at least. Blitzed (no 5 min) from 40 to 39. Found a legendary in the far back right. Wtf how did it get there?).
(Starting at 35, Blitzed).
(Started Blitzing at 24. Hey, it's late, I thought I'd get rid of my heavy, now I have 19 3oC left).
20. (I legit thought this didn't drop, my last 3oC for the night)

VERDICT (So Far): Annoyed and Tired, and Happy. A strange combination. Got 9 engrams out of 55ish 3oC....so....plussed? I have 19 left! I'm gonna sleep on it, and maybe the system for timings will reset and give me good drops in the morning like it did initially here.

EDIT 1: I'm at 57 Coins. Have to go to my Friday class. Will come back, and finish before the end of the day, easy. Lots of encouragement in upvotes and comments. This is fun. :) Also, its gets me back into League. if only for Bots :P

EDIT 2: Left class. Lots of replies to comments because class was laid back. Starting the 57 coins now. Sigh...

EDIT 3: At 40. Going to 25 or next engram. I have a sneaky, sad, weird theory. Which was that I thought the nerf affected farming over a period of time, like after an hour drops got worse. I dunno. Like really? 16 coins? Then the drops got normalish again

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3meb81/3_of_coins_every_5_minutes_the_ultimate_test/