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Destiny: The Taken King Guide to the Best Legendary Scout Rifles in the Game

I am a Scout Rifle kind of guy as in my own opinion, these weapons are the most balanced in the game. So, my quest was to find the best Scout Rifle in the game!

Luckily, I have found a thread on reddit that talks about the best Scout Rifle in the game. The thread was started by richo27 and it has some very interesting point about all the best scout rifles in Destiny: The Taken King.

Might as well share it to you guys... So in richo27's opinion, here are his thoughts on the best scout rifles in the game:

Hung Jury (vendor vanilla one)

Incredible PVE gun, maybe the best in the game. The thing is just unbelievable with the out of the box perks including firefly. This rifle is not recommended on PvP though as the hidden stat of aim assist is 28, pretty low, which reaffirms it as a PVE gun for me.

Suros DS-43

I had a choice of three variants from gunsmith order, and all were so so. I then opened a package from the gunsmith for ranking up and got one that wipes the floor with anything as had full auto and two stability perks for just under 100% stability. The Suros scouts differ from other makes as they can rock full auto, which for scout rifles is the best perk going. I'll explain why. No matter how quick your trigger finger is, you can't ever press it every time as fast as the next available shot. If you are 90% as quick most of the time, you still lose 1.5 shots per average mag, that's a lot. If you can get this scout drop with full auto and Max stability (perfect balance and hand laid stock etc), it's a monster. Great PVP gun, ok PVE. Aim assist is 61, pretty high.

Not Like the others

Most falling in packages are lacklustre. You need a specific set of perks to be any good, thankfully, the vendor one has two incredible perks, crowd control and reactive reload. This makes it incredibly fun in both PVE and PVP. It's not as good as the vanilla Hung Jury for PVE, but in PVP, if you can get the thing reloading quick with feather mag and scout rifle loader gloves, it can be a huge amount of fun seeing the perks double proc for like 48% bonus damage, stability isn't perfect on the vendor one, so it's not stupidly OP and requires skill, but when head shots hit with perks, it's vicious. Aim assist is a massive 69!

Last Extremity

Only have one from a package and the impact is huge, but stability is poor. I didn't really like it, but if you rolled it with high stability perks, it might improve. Didn't stand out for me. Aim assist is just 21, so with low stability, it's a huge no for me.

NL Shadow 701x

This dropped for me in the crucible. I absolutely love this gun. It fires at a real rate of knots! The perks I got were not great, although exhumed sort of works in PVP as most people die at least a few times per game, usually more in things like control. With ranged perks, this is a really fun gun. It's not really a PVE gun I don't think, but PVP on larger maps you can rattle shots across the map almost like an auto rifle! Given the rate of fire is so quick, a stability perk is an absolute must here or the gun is climbing too quickly. Braced frame is ideal as the mag is big. Aim assist hidden stat is 40.

Treads Upon Stars

Drops from Cabal strikes. I got one with Who's next and Firefly. With firefly it's a very good PVE gun like Hung Jury. Same archetype as Suros. Stability is only 38. Aim assist 44. I like it, but it's just not quite as good Hung Jury for PVE and not quite as good as a few of the others on PVP. Really depends on perks I feel here. Good but not great is my view.

Omolon Tuenela SR4

You can order this at rank 3. Mine is coming weds to test. Haven't seen any of these about, although I assume it can fall in packages and engrams. Same archetype as the Suros. Stability is higher. Aim is assist is 43, so less. Can't roll with full auto.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3mp2en/expert_guide_to_best_legendary_scout_rifles/