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Destiny: The Taken King Golgoroth Strategy Guide (Easy Mode)

Credits: Golgoroth Strategy Guide (EZ Mode) (Spoiler Alert) by Clay64

I would like to thank Ambushh for pointing out this awesome strategy.


Phase 1: (Add Phase) Separate fireteam into 2 groups of 3 and position yourselves roughly around where the black dots are. Use the columns coffins etc to shield you from the boss. Adds will spawn from “D”. Use the stairs to “head glitch”. Kill them all. There will be 3 adepts on either side (focus them first)* once the 3 adepts are out there is one additional group of red bars. After these are down fireteam members that need ammo should go grab it. Any fireteam members that are not getting ammo should start shooting “R1” and begin moving to “circle 1”.*

*The first adept spawns at “roman numerals I & II”. If you focus you can down him before he makes it to the balcony. (helps a lot with raid damage)

*Popped bubbles last around 30-40 seconds, so the taunter must be ready to grab aggro to deal maximum damage/ not kill anyone jumping into the pit. (you can easily grab aggro around circle 3/5 and run back to circle 1.

Titans running defender should use blessing or weapons and place it roughly at the “WOD circle”

Taunter: There will be only one taunter. All 5 of the remaining players will hop into the R1 bubble. Deal as much damage as possible using Weapons, Shadowshot, & Snipers to deal maximum damage. When the timer gets to 1 second everyone get out.

Repeat phase one and two as written until the boss is at 30% health. At this point taken will spawn in place of hive. The 5 people on damage duty may need to help get adds to a manageable level (Not really that bad since you only stay in for ~17-18 seconds). Continue with phase 2 after you have dealt with the initial burst of spawns.

Alternative Methods: You can also do this strat starting at L3 or R3 and alternating backwards (this could help if you are having trouble getting out of the pit from L3.

You can also do one full side ie: L1 – L2 – L3 You switch aggro between 2 players 1 on adds in the pit. Taunters should be positioned around circle 2 and 6. You can also do a full rotation. Notes:

Our taunter(s) were nightstalker(s), and we would tether with “blackhole activated to help with damage. (Shadowshot can hit the orbs so do it early, or fire right after you kill orbs)

Since you do an add phase after every bubble doing the 1 bubble method you get you super back almost immediately. This means you should not be afraid to use your super often.

(for taunter(s)) Once taken have spawned you will have to contend with a few taken thrall. Nova Grenades and the like are super useful because of this. (it is very hard to juggle thrall and orbs without taking damage, but orbs are still priority.) Melee thrall after a set of orbs, or throw a nade at your feet for a few moments of respite.

Snipers were definitely the best weapons for damage doers. Shotguns are ok, but because you aren’t always going to be close they have the potential to be completely ineffective. USE SNIPERS.

There is an enrage timer, so transitions need to be smooth and quick. Damage doers will have to get into position ASAP, and do as much damage as they can 100% of the time.

You should have him dead after 4-5 damage phases.

Red death does NOT regen health on orb kills. (Damn you Bungie!!)

The easiest way to make it through his gaze is to get DIRECT line of sight of Goloroth. If you hide behind something the orbs go crazy and are much harder to shoot.

P.S. : Special Ammo Synthesis….. BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. (I cannot stress this enough.) If you have a good sniper it is going to be your “gally”. If you don’t… get rekt scrub. — this is true for all fights in this raid. Heavy is much more useful for utility imo.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3mcwtf/golgoroth_strategy_guide_ez_mode_spoiler_alert/