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Destiny: The Taken King Detailed Black Spindle Guide

Hey there, Guardians. Lost to Light is back so it’s time to seize your Black Spindles.

Note: If you've already done the mission, you can run it again for a chance of getting the ship.

Those who missed out a few days ago are now likely chomping at the bit to get your Black Hammer 2.0 from today’s Daily Heroic mission. However this mission comes with its own challenges. So here’s a little guide I wrote up to hopefully help a few of you get your new Exotic Sniper.

Part 1: Make it to the Ketch
Use whatever loadout you want for this mission, but I found that Swords work well at clearing large swathes of enemies quickly. If you have any King’s Fall weapons, use them as they deal extra damage against the Taken.

Most of the mission is fairly self-explanatory, make it to where you shattered Crota’s crystal and kill the Ogre.

Once the Ogre is dead you’ll want to hightail it out as quickly as possible, take too long and the door to the Ketch will shut. But be careful not to wipe as this will also cause the door to shut.

After you pass the room where 2 relics are needed to open the door, you’re almost at the Ketch. The lift into the Ketch is located across the room where three 3 relics are required to open the door. Ignore the relics and get to the lift. If the door is shut and Ghost offers to scan it, you’ll know you took too long, reset the mission and start again.

Part 2: Breach and Clear
Once you’re on the Ketch and reach the first room, the timer will start. You’ve got 10 minutes to clear the Ketch of all Taken and kill the boss at the end.

The first room is simple as it contains the least amount of enemies and should only take you 45-60 seconds to clear.

An Arc-shield Centurion spawns up the back, and Solar-shield Knights are littered in the room. Take out the Blight Orbs as soon as you enter to prevent excess enemies spawning. You should be waiting for the back door to open at roughly 9:15 remaining on the clock.

Part 3: Tunnel
Six enemies spawn here, three left and three right, one Taken Captain on each side with two Vandals. Shotguns and swords for a quick kill.

Kill the Blight Orbs. Always kill the Blight Orbs.

Send one person left to quickly kill one of the Wizards, they continually spawn Shadow Thrall which add to the chaos. The other two players split and take down as many enemies as quickly as possible.

Dealing damage to the Snipers can force them to use their bubble move, alleviating some of the pressure. Send one person along the perimeter to take them out, using the outcroppings as shields. There are three snipers up the back and one on the left hiding above the side-tunnel.

If you can clear this room with more than 7 minute remaining on the clock, you’re doing well.

The winding tunnel between you and the boss room contains a two Phalanx, a Captain, and two Knights. Dispatch them without impunity. The boss room is where the proverbial shit hits the roof.

One person should stay in the entrance tunnel and should be continually dealing damage to the boss. Two people should be sent left to draw the aggro from the enemies sideways and away from the entrance.

Again, kill the Blight Orbs as soon as possible, the less enemies in the room the easier this is going to be.

The two people on the left can retreat to the entrance if things turn south quickly, but it’s important for them to push their way back out. Keeping everyone at the entrance only focuses the fire of the enemies and causes all the Captains, and the boss, to send the Blinding Orbs at the entrance.

While killing enemies, the two on the left should also damage the boss wherever possible, especially if it’s down on the floor as this location is difficult for the entrance-person to reach.

At a few minute remaining, a Blight Orb will spawn near the entrance window; it will prevent the main damage dealer from healing. Kill it.

Aim to have the boss dead at 1:30 – 1:00 remaining, this will ensure you have plenty of time to clean up the remaining enemies. They stop spawning once the boss is dead. Whip out the sword, pop Supers, and go completely ham. Slay everything in your path.

Once everything is dead, the mission will end and you’ll receive your Black Spindle. If your inventory is full, it will be delivered to the Postmaster.

Here’s a video on how they did it:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3my5f8/black_spindle_a_video_and_text_guide/

Credits: Guide by SerfaBoy