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Destiny: The Taken King Armsday Week 4 Weapon Stats and Review (by kyt_kutcha)

The week 4 armsday is finally upon us Guardians! And, of course, it's time to know all the weapons better by taking a look at their stats and reviewing them and at the end, concluding which is the best weapon at Armsday 4 in Destiny: The Taken King.


Auto Rifles

Hakke Arminius-D

RoF- 100
Impact- 2
Range- 13
Stability- 42
Reload- 76
Mag- 40-48

This is the only max RoF TTK Legendary Auto Rifle in the Armory, which may be the only reason to buy it. It has the range and stability of a shotgun, without the advantage of getting a kill when you pull the trigger. The upside is, you’ll never run out of ammo (because you’re dead, not because your mag is enormous).

Hakke Zarinaea-D

RoF- 88
Impact- 8
Range- 25
Stability- 60
Reload- 65
Mag- 24-30

With the best range in its class and moderate stability, this gun is not a terrible choice, but the lackluster mag will disappoint in all game modes. It is overshadowed in every way (except range) by the Paleocontact JPK-43, available from your local Dead Orbit arms dealer. 


RoF- 88
Impact- 8
Range- 17
Stability- 68
Reload- 54
Mag- 23-38

The ARI-41 hopes that its respectable stability will land you enough headshots (at close range, mind you) to nab a kill or two before you have to reload. Compare it the the Zarinaea-D, above, and decide if you what more Range or more Stability.


RoF- 77
Impact- 28
Range- 48
Stability- 44
Mag- 25

This is the Auto Rifle to buy on Armsday, if you’re going to buy any of them. Compare it to the famous Regime, and note that it has double the Range of the Year 2 Exotic while remaining nearly identical in other stats. The Mag is a lie, though - it says 50 online, but only has 25 in actual play. At least the slow RoF stretches the rounds you do get.

Auto Rifle Perk Recommendations

With the Zarinaea-D, you should look for Range, Aim, and Stability boosts first. Focused Fire could also work out well for you. The ARI-45, on the other hand, would benefit most from a combination of stability (Smallbore could work, but Handlaid Stock and Injection Mold are my picks) and Glass Half Full - that huge magazine makes this a must-have.

Hand Cannons

Hakke Gaheris-D

RoF- 22
Impact- 81
Range- 23
Stability- 56
Reload- 41
Mag- 6-7

This is like a close range Ace of Spaces, or Hawkmoon, with better stability and half the magazine size. Due to the new damage dropoff for Hand Cannons, that means it is probably not worth your time.

Hakke-Judith D

RoF- 15
Impact- 94
Range- 41
Stability- 17
Reload- 26
Mag- 6-7

The only legendary hand cannon in its class (in the Armory), the Judith-D is your huckleberry. What this beast lacks in magazine size, it makes up for in stopping power and range - it is best-in-class in both when compared to other TTK hand cannons. You’ll need to learn to control the recoil, though. Compare to The First Curse for an exotic version.

Omolon Kumakatok HC4

RoF- 32
Impact- 74
Range- 15
Stability- 60
Reload- 48
Mag- 7-11

A great example of corporate espionage, this gun is nearly identical to the Down and Doubt 00-0, and both are outliers in terms of Impact for this RoF. This gun carries an extra round though, making it a slightly more reliable choice. The range is brutally short, but perks could mitigate that.

Omolon Uffern HC4

RoF- 22
Impact- 87
Range- 24
Stability- 70
Reload- 43
Mag- 5-9

Another outlier from Omolon, the Uffern is an ultra-stable close range weapon that hits like a brick. While it has more impact than any other hand cannon in its class (it’s a The Vanity clone with one less round), need testing if it will pan out in practice. Compare also to Year 2 Hawkmoon and similarly statted guns.

Perk Recommendations
Hand Cannons have been hit pretty hard by recent nerfs, with reductions to range and magazine size and increases in damage dropoffs, so anything that adds range or rounds is going to be good here. Reload is also a problem for these weapons, making Outlaw and Reactive Reload your best friends. The Judith-D would also benefit from anything that increases stability or reduces recoil, although Hakke provides limited options in that direction.

Pulse Rifles

Hakke Herja-D

RoF- 66
Impact- 14
Range- 33
Stability- 72
Reload- 68
Mag- 33

The very stable Herja-D makes headshots a breeze, and the rounding of per-round damage (say what?) should make 2 burst kills a possibility for talented guardians. This is a close-to-mid-range gun and range is its only limitation. It’s an extra stable Legendary Red Death, folks. Respect it.

Hakke Lyudmila-D

RoF- 59
Impact- 30
Range- 63
Stability- 54
Mag- 33

A Messenger-Class Pulse Rifle with an extra-large mag, everyone who got this with Auto Fire and extra Stability last week already knows its power. In PVP, it can two burst kill without hitting all headshots, and in PVE it deals serious sustained damage. This is my current default primary.


RoF- 66
Impact- 14
Range- 48
Stability- 68
Reload- 62
Mag- 18-33

Another Red Death look-alike, the Suros model drops a bit of stability and clip size for a lot of extra range. If these stats hold up in practice, that range might just be worth it, too. Pulse Rifles like this are versatile.


RoF- 73
Impact- 7
Range- 22
Stability- 75
Reload- 90
Mag- 18-33

The rock-solid stability and near-instant reload speed on this gun might change my mind. The short range could be a real problem though, because this gun is going to take 3-4 bursts to kill.

Perk Recommendations
The Hakke Pulse Rifles fire 4 rounds instead of 3, so if you can find one with Headseeker, BUY IT. Combo that with Stability enhancements, and you’re all set. Suros offers a wide variety of primary perks, many of which are good, and some of which are new and could be good. In general though, that Headseeker is a reliable first choice.

Scout Rifles

Omolon Cocytus SR4

RoF- 27
Impact- 61
Range- 64
Stability- 44
Reload- 59
Mag- 9-17

This Omolon Scout Rifle hits hard at range. It shares an archetype with Gheleon’s Demise, but has much better stability. With the right perks I think this gun can be good, but the small mag, slow RoF, and poor stability mean it’s not my first choice.

Omolon Tuonela SR4

RoF- 37
Impact- 48
Range- 62
Stability- 69
Reload- 62
Mag- 9-17

This weapon has a lot of competition in its RoF subtype, but best-in-class stability makes it a strong choice. As with the Cocytus, though, it is hurt by the small mag. 


RoF- 37
Impact- 48
Range- 77
Stability- 48
Reload- 45
Mag- 13-23

This Scout has crazy range and an impressive magazine size, but its stability needs heavy compensation. Fortunately, there are a lot of perks that can help with that, making this a great choice for cautious players, especially in the expansive patrol environments.

Perk Recommendations
The Omolon weapons here should really shine when combining Perks like Triple Tap, Replenish, and Rescue Mag with extra stability from Hand-laid Stock / Smallbore and fun perks like Firefly and Third Eye. On the other hand, Casket Mag or Extended Mag could also help to balance out their low mag sizes. The Suros SR’s have a number of interesting primary perk options, as well as several choices for increasing stability. With no re-rolls.


Fusion Rifles

Omolon Thesan FR4

CR- 18
Impact- 94
Range- 38
Stability- 81
Reload- 68
Mag- 4-6

With the Stability of Telesto and more Impact than Plan C, you really can’t go wrong here - if you like Fusion Rifles, buy this gun!

Perk Recommendations
This gun is darn close to perfect already. Look for perks like Accelerated Coils, Quickdraw, Hot Swap or Grenadier, and it is worth to see how Eye of the Storm works out.


Hakke Jingukogo-D

RoF- 23
Impact- 52
Range- 12
Stability- 56
Reload- 35
Mag- 3

The small mag makes this gun practically unusable. It’s worthless for DPS in PVE, and you’ll he to constantly reload in PVP - a death knell for a mid-impact shotgun. Nothing here impresses.

Hakke Strongbow-D

RoF- 23
Impact- 52
Range- 10
Stability- 56
Reload- 33
Mag- 5

With decent perks, this gun’s RoF and stability could make it a respectable choice for PVE DPS. Low Range and Impact make it hard to recommend this in PVP, though.

Perk Recommendations
Focus on PVE perks, if you decide you want one of these. Army of One, Full Auto, and Relentless Tracker all bring something useful to the table.

Sniper Rifles

Hakke Aoife Rua-D

RoF- 26
Impact- 22
Range- 78
Stability- 34
Reload- 68
Mag- 4-5

This sniper is unfortunately of the mid-range type, meaning that it is neither powerful enough to take down reviving characters, nor fast and stable enough to reliably two-shot enemies. On the bright side, the gun’s range is near the top for TTK snipers, so maybe you can run to the edge of the map and hide from people with better weapons?

Hakke Tamar-D

RoF- 26
Impact- 22
Range- 78
Stability- 36
Reload- 66
Mag- 4-5

The same as Aoife. Two extra points of stability does not justify this gun’s manufacture. Don’t buy it. Don’t buy the Aoife. Unless you want the Marks. Hakke should stick to making Pulse Rifles.

Omolon Eirene RR4

RoF- 19
Impact- 34
Range- 76
Stability- 44
Reload- 57
Mag- 4-5

Among TTK Legendary Snipers, this gun has the best Impact in the game. Unfortunately, it only take 31 Impact to revive-kill, which means this weapon is overshadowed by more stable Snipers like 1000 Yard Stare. Maybe Trials will make that extra damage matter, but right now this is not a top tier choice

Omolon Uzume RR4

RoF- 40
Impact- 13
Range- 72
Stability- 58
Reload- 75
Mag- 5-6

This is as stable as a Sniper Rifle gets these days, but the high RoF subtype has fallen out of favor in comparison to weapons like Stillpiercer and 1000 Yard Stare, which are just as stable but OHK on revives and against supers.

Perk Recommendations
Anything that boosts Stability and Aim is going to be a good choice here. The Hakke guns have the new Take a Knee perk, which looks interesting. The Omolon weapons have Firefly, which most of us see on the Uzume today. Unflinching is always a good choice, too.


None... Yet!

Rocket Launchers


RoF- 4
Blast- 84
Velocity- 74
Stability- 44
Reload- 51
Mag- 2

This Suros RL hits hard, fast, and holds 2 in the mag, all excellent traits following the Proximity Detonation nerf. There are rockets out there with more blast radius or velocity, but this is a good mix of the two.

Perk Recommendations
Obviously you want Grenades and Horseshoes or Tracking if you aren’t just making your own fireworks show, but Cluster Bombs is great if you can aim your own rockets, and Tripod gives you even more bang for your buck.