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Clash of Kings Hive Placement Guide

This guide contains specific hive placements which will help you better protect your alliance members against multiple incursions from your enemies.

As you will notice with the different formats each is designed towards improving hive security for your main accounts or farm accounts or even both.

Choose wisely and cooperate with your alliance members, placing them to exact positions will be neccessary. All it takes is one member to port where he shouldnt and you'll start losing valuable spots.

Note - Do not always include alliance turets in your plans. Use them to fill up gaps when my members port out of hive very effective and doesnt allow enemies to port in their spot and wreak havoc and destruction.


Effective against solo hitters who are constantly harrasing your farm accounts . Having them inside your hive will give them more security and time for your alliance members to react. Game wasnt designed to protect farm accounts so we work with what we have. Placing Farm Alliance Towers also inside your hive increases their farming efficiency too. 

Anyone porting near your main castles with purpose of hitting your farms will have to travel..leave his castle exposed. Thats when you have choices to make either destroy your invader or deny him his prise...hit the farm he is attacking together with your alliance members and take those resources first.


This version is a bit more complicate in order to fit your castles you must start placement form near tower last castle will be only half in tower influence area.You will basically need to fit 3 castles in every direction of the tower.

90 castles in Influence range of main alliance towers and 38 farms inside, rest of the farm accounts will be placed outside your hive surrounding your main castles. They will act as shield and protect anyone from porting near your main castles. Farms inside will be most secured so it is reccomended reserving those spots for alliance farms (used to help everyone grow faster).


For those who unlocked tier 5 science (120 members)

It's designed as a stronghold no weak spots anyone being hit by rally or solo hits can quickly receive reinforcments. Farms act as shield to prevent anyone porting to close to main castles. Room for 120 castles.

Include farm accounts in your designs because everyone uses them, they are vital for the growth of your alliance members. Its up to you to decide which requires more protection if you are a very strong alliance but having problems with some small guys who keep porting in and harrasing your farm accounts you might wanna consider one of these layouts so you can better protect them.

Many kingdoms Top Rank alliances placing their hive in lvl 7 plot areas so they can be closer to the throne which is a mistake. Resources plots once your alliance has 90 + castles and about 200+ farm accounts become very scarce. Which is why it is recommended moving your alliance into level 6 area this way you can profit the most from level 7 plots.