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Clash of Clans TH9/TH10 Trophy Rush (Trap Troll) Base

Note: Click Images if you want to see the larger version of it

Town Hall 10 Version: http://i.imgur.com/K6S9KfJ.jpg 
Town Hall 9 Version: http://i.imgur.com/xMLZzJR.jpg

Test in Titan League:


Hey guys it's Ash and I've been getting a lot of requests to build a trophy base that would allow TH9 players to push to Masters and Champs with ease. Now it's pretty difficult for a TH9 player to defend against TH10 attacks, so I decided to create a troll base instead because I believed that to be the best chance for TH9s to win defenses. Many TH9s have tried the base and made it as far as Champions with it. I have also recently built a TH10 version of the base and have tested it in Titan League. The results were quite positive and I have managed to win defenses! So if you guys are looking for a quick way to push higher in the leagues on defense, give this base a shot.

Base Concepts:

* Extremely Well-Guarded Town Hall

Town Hall is guarded by: 4 Teslas, lots of traps, 2 Cannons, 2 Archer Towers, 2 Single Target Infernos, 2 Wizard Towers, 2 Mortars, 3 X-bows set to Ground, 2 Air Sweepers blowing south, Clan Castle that activates once troops get close to Town Hall.
Single Target Inferno + Wizard Tower combination - Single Target Infernos quickly take out tanks such as Golems and Heroes. Wizard Towers quickly take out small hordes, along with the Mortars behind them.
Heroes will also distract troops along with Clan Castle troops when troops are close to Town Hall or jump over the floating walls.
All X-bows are set to Ground, 14 tile range allows the X-bows to target Heroes close to Town Hall.

* Anti-Archer Queen

Archer Queen is unable to target Town Hall over the walls. She will walk around the walls.
If Archer Queen jumps inside with a Jump Spell, Clan Castle, Heroes, and all the defenses around the Town Hall will overwhelm her.

* Anti-Golems/Giants/Balloons

Golems, Giants, and Balloons will funnel around the base along the path of externalized defenses.
Teslas are very well spaced so as to not be triggered by Golems or Giants or Balloons traveling around.

* Anti-Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers will circle around the floating walls guarding the Town Hall and be either taken out by Spring Traps or the Wizard Towers (and multiple other defenses)
Large number of T-junctions around the base, making it very difficult for attacker to open up multiple compartments.

* Anti-Air

Both Air Sweepers pointing south providing a excellent protection against air attackers trying to attack from south to quickly take Town Hall.
Wizard Towers and Air Defenses well placed and angled to prevent Lava Hounds from distracting them.
Wizard Towers + Air Sweeper combo at south provides excellent coverage against mass Balloons. While Single Infernos + Air Sweepers provide excellent coverage against Mass Dragons.

* Anti-2 Star

The base is strongest from the south side. However, it isn't very difficult to 1 star the base from any other side, but is very difficult to 2 star the base because of how far the Town Hall is if attacked from the North, East, or West side.

Source: http://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/839193-Themis-TH9-and-TH10-Trophy-Trap-Troll-Base