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Clash of Clans: How to 3 Star a Max TH9 Base with GoHo, LaLoon or Holowiwi (Videos)

I just want to share these awesome vids by castnblast which focuses on how to attack and 3 star a max th9 base using the GoHo, LaLoon and HoLoWiWi strategies. Check the videos below guys...




Shattered GoHo

Another Shattered GoHo with some update glitch info

Another HoLoWiWi example

LaLoon on the Popular Giza Base

HoLoWiWi Attack on another common internet base called Can't Touch This or Turtle Build

Another GoHo Attack on common Spiral Build

Another common base build that is used a cold blooded LaLoon attack for 3 stars. Even dealt with the drag in the CC

and lastly to keep in form a holowiwi attack on another common base build the turtle hybrid

Here's a video that plans for a perfect run but forgot the to deploy my all important jump spell. In the video castnblast teach you how to path your hogs how to avoid spring traps and show some things he have been experimenting with on cc troops. The video shows what will happen if you don't tank the core as he normally do. It is a great video with a perfect plan that you will see how it turns out.

Next up is another laloon video. This base is a fairly weak base he hit to make a teaching video for my clan. People did not understand the concept of hero funneling and golem usage. Once again it is a great informational video to teach how to deploy a laloon attack. It goes against two air defenses and shows how to lay down all troops. This video is a must watch for all laloon basics.

Lastly is a base he see in almost every other war. He have not found the name of the base so if anyone knows could you please comment with the name. This a HoLoWiWi attack he do pretty much every time he see the base.

This is his shattered GoHo attack he completed in war. Interesting base build but he had an even better plan.

here is a nice laloon hit by my clan mate that he decided to make a video of since it is a new base he have seen being used often and he makes adjustments on dealing with the cc and using the haste.

lastly he figured he would show a GoHo attack he did on the ever popular Dragon Flower base design. He have hit this base through the air and ground but he figured this would be a good replay to show.