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Best Dragon Nest Dark Avenger Comprehensive PVE Guide (Builds, How to Play & Strategies)

Credits: Dark Avenger Q&A and Class Guide by Comphus

What is Dark Avenger's mainstat?:
His mainstat is STR, recieving .5 damage per STR(correct me if I'm wrong on damage)

Can i class change to Dark Avenger as a Warrior?:
No. current warriors cannot class change to it, it is considered a new class so trying to class change to it is the same thing as trying to class change from priest > tempest, wont work.

What gear does DA use?:
DA uses the same gear as a Gladiator. although stated above, you CANNOT class change into it as a warrior, DA uses the exact same gear a gladiator uses. this includes both weapons, armor and NX costumes.

Is the Dark Avenger story line different?:
Yes, the story line is different

When does this class get released for my version?:
for CDN it should be released in February, for the other versions, no one knows

1.1: What is a Dark Avenger?
A Dark Avenger is a new class that can be temporarily made for a 1 month period. It is a new class but it has a copy of the first warrior branch tree, making it capable of sharing items with all other warriors but not being able to class change into either warrior from any branch and vice versa. This is a FIRE PHYSICAL class that is a new addition to dragon nest!

1.2: How does his play style differ from other warriors?
The play style of Dark Avenger is very unique, it feels like a new class all together despite having some copy and pasted skills from the other warrior branches. His play style is more of a "every combo you do works best in a certain situation" type of view but stressed massively. And remember, this is the only class currently with a transformation.

1.3: What gear does this class use? 
This class uses the exact same gear as a Gladiator, being: Brutal gear, Destructive items, Warrior armor, a Sword and Guantlet. This goes same for the plates and talismans, being the same enhancement plates and talismans gladiators get. I STRONGLY recommend stacking as much STR as possible because Dark Avenger has a passive buff that gives them 3% more STR per Dark Avenger counter they have, capping at + 90% more STR.

1.4: Overall basics of what you should know when playing DA
ALWAYS keep in mind that this class has a completely new playstyle. This means that if you want to seriously play this class, make sure to try everything that fits your comfort until you have a good foundation, then build on from there, and if it doesnt work, try again!

2.1: How well is DA from level 1-80?
The leveling experience for Dark Avenger from level 1-80 starts off as any basic warrior, then when you class change it gets interesting but then rather quickly feels extremely slow. this class will continue to feel slow, then will gradually become faster at the higher levels. Once you hit level 65 and successfully obtained your passive, DA will feel extremely fast leveling as the Transformation duration will become practically permanent with successful consecutive crits.

2.2: How well is DA DPS?
From a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest DPS, a Dark avenger's DPS can range from anywhere between a 4-9, possibly a 10. This number is dependent on how skilled the player is, and whether or not you are in Transformation mode or not. Dark Avenger skill board damage is also very high, most of their skills have well over 2k%+ board damage, and even more once you are in Dark Avenger Transformation mode, a transformation that makes a good chunk of your skills have faster casting and have more damage. 

But after a short and good enough time of playing around with it, once you get the gist of Dark avenger skills, solo gameplay will be a breeze, as this class has high mobility and tons of AoE skills. Once you master the ways of the Dark Avenger and learn when to use what combos at what time, your dps should be extremely high.

2.3: How viable is Dark Avenger for parties?
Dark Avenger in parties are very viable. They bring along a 32% fire buff(40% at double tech), a 29% defense reduction debuff, and a 28% physical and magical debuff, sort of like luring slice but with less debuff.

2.4: How well is DA for raids?
Dark Avenger in raids would work really well, possibly replacing a wardens position in raids. Other than the fact that they have amazing DPS, they are extremely mobile and bring a decent amount of contribution to party buffs and debuffs. In a fire party a Dark Avenger is EXTREMELY useful, mainly because they bring in a 30 second 40% fire buff at max double tech to the party with 10 seconds of downtime, 4 seconds with a buff duration increase plate.

3.1: PVE Dark Avenger skill build & explanation

First tree is a practical PVE warrior tree, although destructive swing isnt used much on a DA.

The Dark avenger 2nd job tree is built for the most uninterrupted DPS possible. With Graves at level 6 because it has the lowest growth out of all of the top dps DA skills. level 10 recovery for that increased super armor so you wont be canceled out of your skills easily.( i will get to explaining all of the skills on friday when i have time to do that)

DA 3rd job tree is practically a put points into everything, but choose wisely on your masteries. those are practically up to your preference, but the most effecient masteries for PVE would be: 20% increase in HP isntead of 10% reduction in damage taken. 

15% more fire attack instead of 10% more FD. I chose this because you will not be capping fire buff% unless you have a ripper and a paladin in the party, so i chose the one that will help the most in most situations. 

10% more damage with air attacks instead of 5% more crit damage,
and having DA form on a 5 second cd rather than having 15% more crit in DA form, because of the amount of debuff wipes in volcano nest, and sometimes you wont be attacking long enough to maintain the transformation.

3.2: PVP Dark Avenger skill build and explanation
TBA(will get to this once a skill simulator for dark avenger is out)

4.1: Pros of Dark Avenger
There are many pros to this class that can satisfy many situations. You do not need to have a lot of fire buffs or -fire resist on bosses to do damage, as Dark Avenger has tremendous damage to begin with. Because it is a warrior class, if own a gladiator you can server storage all of your gear to the Dark Avenger and have most of its gearing done.

5.1: Cons of Dark Avenger
There are quite a few cons for Dark Avenger, one being the fact that Transformation has a 60 second cooldown. This wouldn't be a problem but Dark Avenger transformation CAN be debuffed, meaning if it is debuffed right away after you cast it, you will lose out on a lot of DPS. Because it is a FIRE class, there are not many classes with buffs and debuffs for the benefit of the fire element of Dark Avenger.

6.1: Tips
Some tips that upcoming Dark Avengers should know is that this class does get some time getting used to, but is very rewarding the more and more you master it, in other words, it is fun! make sure to know what skills are tumble cancelable and what skills are not, doing so in advance will save your life many times when fighting bosses, as it will make getting to safetly A LOT easier.

6.2: Tricks
From what I've played around with and found while playing Dark Avenger, some useful tricks you can use while you are playing it would be:
in DA trans form, if you press space bar after any skill you do an untumbleable lift into the air that does a decent amount of damage, and that can set up for your other skills to do even more damage!
When in DA form, while tumbling, you can kick cancel the resting period of the dash, then dash again, and can keep repeating this for incredible speed!

6.3: Advice
Some advice for upcoming Dark Avengers would be that you should always know when to use transformation during boss fights that have debuffs, doing so will save you time and give you a lot of DPS with having a low downtime for transformation. Another piece of advice would be to always predict what the boss is going to do(should always be done reguardless of class). Doing so will allow you to use the most damaging skill rotations when PVEing with the least amount of deaths.

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