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A Low Level's Guide To Becoming a Werewolf in Elder Scrolls Online

Credits: A Low Level's Guide To Becoming A Werewolf by Darkholynova

Hello and welcome followers of Hircine.

The purpose of this page is to share the process of becoming a werewolf in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Many other threads detail the infection process, so I won’t touch on that much. Simply put, you must find a special werewolf mob in your faction’s level 30-40 zone (Bangkorai for DC, The Rift for EP, and Reapers March for AD). These mobs spawn only at night, most notably during the full moon. Once you locate this mob you must attack it and take damage from it to receive a special buff telling you that you've been scratched by a werewolf. Once you have this debuff, you can go back to town and find an NPC who has a quest for you. You now have the option to get cured or start on the path to becoming a werewolf.

The quest however can be rather difficult for anyone aspiring to become a werewolf before they’re level 30+. You must travel to a ritual site of Hircine and meet with your new pack master. After a brief talk you’ll be spirited away to Hircine’s Hunting Grounds to prove you’re worthy of this gift. A ritual is performed and you are a werewolf for the full duration of this next step: seek out and kill a worthy beast for your pack.

This is the part where many low levels will hit a brick wall in their progress. Unlike the vampire quest line you cannot use any of your normal abilities. You’re stuck with werewolf melee, a stunning pounce, and a fear inducing roar. At low levels, your melee attacks will constantly miss and deal very little damage while your stunning and fear abilities won’t work on the boss monsters. This is a solo instanced area, so no help from your friends.

The area is filled with many level 40ish mobs including panthers, crocodiles, and harpies. There are several clearings with torches, bones and ritual markings. These are the lairs of various bosses that can spawn here. I have personally encountered a Troll boss and a Mammoth boss. Others have reported a large snake as well.

After you've become a werewolf in this zone, practice your new form on some panthers. There’s a yellow spotted one just down the path from your starting point. Keep in mind you’re faster as a werewolf, you can easily run this cat in circles avoiding it’s charge up attack. When you’re confident, go out and find which boss you have. Upon zoning in, the game randomly assigned one of possible bosses to you.

At the very back, on the highest ledge is the Troll. If you’re not level 35+, I wouldn't bother with him. At level 22, he nearly 1 shots me with regular melee attacks. The Snake I've heard is located at the waterfall and he’s just as deadly as the Troll.

Just bellow the troll is the Mammoth. If you got the mammoth on your first try, consider yourself lucky. The Mammoth seams to be the easiest of the bunch. Slow to turn, uses large frontal attacks that give you tons of time to beat on his backside. At 22 in half broken gear and no consumables, I got him down to 30% several times by
staying behind him and beating on him. I would highly recommend bringing a handful of good healing potions and the best health regeneration drink or max health boosting food you can. Stay on his butt, don’t run away because he resets rather easily. Just keep strafing around him and he won’t get too many hits off on you. Spam melee until he’s down.

If you do not get the Mammoth… exit the zone and wait about 5 minutes before you re-enter. I believe re-entering immediately does not give the zone sufficient time to reset your instance of it. Many people have noted rezoning 40+ times and having the same boss every time. I tested this theory myself, had the troll and rezoned immediately
15 times to find it was still the troll. I waited 5-10 minutes and zoned in again to find the mammoth.

I will update this when I complete the quest, hopefully tonight. Feel free to post your success stories, please include your class, level, equipment, strategy and any buffs that might that might have helped you (Mundus Stones, food, etc.).

Update: I have in fact defeated the Mammoth and become a full werewolf. At the time I was level 24, I used the Lord Stone to boost max health + health boosting food. My total health was 1085. Took a couple tries, but I got him down.

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