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Neverwinter Tiamat's Bane Strategy Guide (Tips and Tricks on How to Defeat the Dragon Goddess)

Getting into the Well of Dragons
Getting into the well of dragons simply requires a Gear Score (GS) of 10,000 points. Roughly a full set of T2/Drake epics will be enough to get you in. So let's run down some extra lingo before you even try to walk in.

WoD: Well of Dragons
Tia: Tiamat
GS: Gear Score
Zerg: Beserker/High DPS/Fast Runner - Always means the same the same no matter the choice.
Coffers: Dragon Coffer
HE: Heroic Encounter
CP: Cult Prison
T1: Tier 1 of Tiamat contributions
T2: Tier 2 of Tiamat contributions
T3: Tier 3 of Tiamat contributions
T4: Tier 4 of Tiamat contributions

What is WoD, simple. It's the Dragon Graveyard, now under the elite members of the Cult of the Dragon who now are trying to summon Tiamat from the Nine Hells in her Temple. It's up to you and the rest of the community to stop her from coming back. This area unlocks new boons, items, dailies, and of course a lot of elite mobs to kill.

Contribution Tiers

Now this is simple:
Kill mobs in WoD.
Do the encounters.
Do your dailies involving the cult and dragons.
Kill the Dragons/Dragon Heralds.

Why is it you need to do these four things? Simple yet again, you need Dragon Hoard Coins and Dragon Hoard Coffers. These two items are the currency in which you can level up the Contribution Tiers for Tiamat's Temple. The higher the tier, the less likely people are to leave and really output their best D/HPS (Damage/Heals Per Second.) The reality is anyone who has entered the Well of Dragons is able to fight Tiamat. The only problem is making that happen, so you really do want to stock pile your Coins and Coffers. I never even think about donating unless I have 500 coins or more and at least 50 coffers. Plus there's a weekly quest for killing Tiamat that puts people off donating their coins and coffers as well, but you can get and convince people otherwise if you get those tiers up.

:::FUN FACT::::
You will get items from Tiamat ranging from commons (white) to Epics (purple/violet) even if you LOSE, BUT you will not get your Tier items IF you lose.

The chances of you actually finishing Tiamat's Temple are below 25%! The reason for this being that there are a major amount of elitists in the community who will not so much as try to do anything if there is so much as 1 person with a GS lower then 20,000.

Tiamat's Bane
This section is the final one. I'll run you down the majority of the fight along with how to fight.

Tiamat is a five headed Dragon Goddess.

Oh yeah, she's a big one. She has three special phases as well.

Phase One: Kill the Summoners.

>This is where you come in now and kill the Cultists trying to summon Tiamat, they're heavily guarded and don't go down easy without the right amount of DPS. They're no major threat, but there is 6 of them to kill. The first 5 will give you a soulgem, one for each head of Tiamat. You only can have one so choose very wisely! Depending on what cultist you go for first should not be it, go for the second one as most of the people you're running with will grab the first one. The ones I usually always see lacking are white and black, keep in mind green is the deadliest. Second to red, third to blue.

Phase Two: Protect the Clerics!

>This is where you ABSOLUTELY need your knockbacks, dazes, major AoEs. You need to keep the devils off the 3 clerics long enough for them to cast their spell. You want to do this as fast as possible because after this it's the chopping board for Tiamat. So make sure you knockback and stun the hell out of these devils and keep your clerics safe! Also, never, EVER walk into the red circle around Tiamat. YOU WILL DIE.

Phase Three: Viking Crewcut Tiamat!

>Tiamat as I've said has 5 heads. The first major thing to note, never kill one. Ever. Lower all 5 heads as fast as you possibly can with as minimal casualties as possible, meaning if someone goes down. PICK THEM UP! You don't know if that's a 25k DC that's been healing you or the SW, CW, etc. that's been DoTing for your damage to increase. You need to lower all 5 heads to 30% HP. Once you do that, then you can start killing them. Untill then it's best to either split your groups up to attack White and Black and move inwards, or "zerg" head by head. Either way is reliable (DEPENDING ON DPS!)

>) The Black Dragon -- Does a harsh poison damage that can debuff your armor. Avoid it's AoE's and note it is the weakest head. >) The Green Dragon -- Does a harsher poison of course, but that's all other than a bite. Avoid the two.

>) The Red Dragon -- This is the one I personally fear to all hell, the fire does a massive amount of damage and of course gives you an immolation DoT.

>) The Blue Dragon -- This one is like the green dragon, except no DoT, just upfront damage to really avoid.

>) The White Dragon -- This one is like the Black Dragon, except no DoT or any real damage. Just don't slip on the ice and fly off the ground into Hell.

if you win, congratulations! You now have the title and your first Linus Favor which you can use once you have 10 or more to purchase items from the Tyranny of Dragons vendor. Yes, 10 or more.. I know. Good Luck!

Source: Guide by Baseik