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Moonlight Blade Solo Treasure Hunting Guide

If you're a ranger (游侠) or considering on becoming a ranger, this is one of the ways to make unbound gold in this game. It's a fun profession and I recommend this for anyone who likes to earn unbound gold by themselves. You can also get 心法 (meridian book pgs - something someone will always want somewhere in the AH) and 石 (gemstones - the stat bonuses to slot in the meridian maps).

What you need to start off
Lemme just get through some of the specific boring stuff really briefly before I start talking about treasure hunting. As soon as you select your profession at lvl 31 (or higher) you can start! However, you need the following items in your bag:

1) Treasure Hunting token
You use these to scan for the location of the treasure. It's a jade token scanner and it makes ur character do a cool earthbender animation.

2) Shovel (lvl appropriate)
These are for digging out the treasure, sometimes you might even dig out a bandit, I'll get to that bit later. (USE SPARINGLY) 

3) Treasure seeker butterfly (optional)
This item is used for marking areas with treasures on the map

I used the middle grade shovel as an example here, but there are also other shovels for different lvl ranges. All of which are available at the lifeskill merchants. Just a quick note, you can find the lifeskill merchants @ any major city (杭州 or 开封). Here's an idea of what you need to look for:

You can exchange for items (not only shovels) with daily tokens, which are rewards you get from daily quests. They look like this:

The grocer that sells the hunting tokens and treasure seeker items looks like the following:
He has the 杂 character above his head.

Treasure Hunting

1) Select a map to hunt in. I would go for a not so populated one, so definitely not 开封 and 杭州.

2) (Optional) Use treasure seeker item. A window will appear on your interface to the top right with a timer, counting down the treasure seeking cast time (if there is no timer, you can still see the loading bar on the map). When it hits 0 secs, open map and you'll see something like this (I used the 江南 map for my guide):

The butterfly item can be used optionally, since you can still hunt without it. However, it saves alot of time when you use it. Choose any location listed to start hunting.

3) Scan the area by using the green treasure hunting token, a system msg will appear with instructions on which direction there the closest treasure is. The directions written are quite general but easy to follow because you can just fly there. The catch is, you will need to memorise some Chinese characters in order to navigate to the treasure's location. E.g. The system will say North, East, South West, NE, NW, SE or SW.... in Chinese. Here's an image of what the system msg will look like all the time.

A close up of the system msg chat w/ translation:

I prefer looking at the instructions in system msg chat, because it stays there. So I have that chat tab open whenever I go treasure hunting.

Incase if you wanna post this somewhere ingame chat (like private chat with a friend), here's a translation of the compass bearings:

North 北 East 东 South 南 West 西
NE 东北 NW 西北 SE 东南 SW 西南

4) Pinpoint the location of the treasure. At this point you'll see a flashing faint circle on your minimap, which means you are very close to the treasure. Don't start digging right away or you will risk wasting shovel. Scan around the circle at a few different points to be absolutely sure where the treasure is. This is a bit hard to explain, but here goes. When you scan several more times at this point around the first circle. More circles will be marked on the minimap. The points where the circles interconnect indicate the specific locations the treasure MAY be in. Sometimes if you scan that area about 4 or more times, a red symbol will appear, and that marks the spot where the treasure is (see 3rd picture below). Which is why you need alot of those treasure hunting tokens.

This is what I like seeing. When you see this faint red icon, dig there and you'll get a surprise. Depending on your luck. Hahaha...

5) Dig. You'll get either a miniboss (usually around your lvl) or just plain loot when you dig for the treasure. If you're lucky you'll get the miniboss because he has better loot (meridian book pages, unbound escort flags, gemstones, etc). If you're not so lucky then you'll just get loot with unbound crafting mats and at best, maybe gemstones.

Source: Guide by xxiyue