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Marvel Heroes 2015 Ant-Man Leveling and Endgame Build

Sorry for the simple guide.. I never did any guides like all the awesome people here in the forum but i read so many hate about antman and i cant understand it. I geared him fully to 69gear and now im on the way to cosmic prestige. currently level 28 cosmic. and the last hero I had such blast to level was juggernaut which i took to cosmic too.

Ant-mans game play is very fun and he can do any content though he needs buffs as his unique are not on par with reviewed ones.

hes a lot of fun while leveling, cosmic terminals and cosmic midtown. he wont die and he will dish out a good amount of sustained damage. his damage is not on par with other heroes as his uniques are quiet bad and he wont reach 50s in any skills but his moveset allows him to put out sustained damage in every situation.

I use my build for leveling and for endgame.

The first skill you get on level 4 its called Bouncing Bullet. its your Bread and butter. You jump into the fray from a far and bounce between the enemys. While that you are invincible and cant be hit. even if bullseye targets you he will just lose the target. while leveling you sometimes will have spirit issues if you use it to rapidly. so either get a nice artifact to cover that or just dont overdo with it. later you can spam it like you want and you wont go oom. this spell regenerates ant swarms and is a good spell to use in cosmic midtown. as the bosses cant damage you and you will generate ant swarms for further use. but we come to that later.

that skill will cover all of antmans squishyness that might appear in the early game.

Second skill i get is one point in Faithful Steed. its antmans travel move and doesnt cost spirit! so always use it to fly around if you need spirit as your dash will use to much of it in the early game and it will take you with full spirit to the boss if used right.

Third skill i get is our Main Spender Tiny Takedown this awesome move has very good damage and high atackspeed at very cheap spirit costs. as we get it it may be a bit weak but it will get a lot of steroids later on. for bosses in the early levels we use Red Hots to get the 40% extra damage and spamm it until we need to refresh the Red Hots or the boss is dead.

Fourth skill i get is Drone Strike that i will use instead of Red Hots as Red Hots have an aweful animation and you never know if the enemy suffers from it or not. its an AOE that we can clearly see on the ground so we can keep bosses in it and get the extra 40% damage on Tiny Takedown. Be careful with it as it takes 2 Antswarms and we need them later for other things. so only cast it when the boss moves out or it need to replenish.

Fifth skill I get is the first passive that comes kinda late Think Small. nothing to say here. Our Offensive passiv with damage and crit and brut. After that skill we will dish out a lot of damage. It will even be a steroid for our Non Ant moves like Tiny Takedown.

Sixth skill i get is our Big Number Skil For The Colony! this will be our Burst spell. It takes 10 Ant Swarms to fire but the numbers and the area it covers are worth it. so here is one of our combos: Engage a boss and use Drone Strike. then Tiny Takedown until we get 10 Swarms. Dash away from the boss and use For the Colony. Then we will use our skill Friends in Low Places that will max our swarms again to 10 and we can shoot another For the Colony. this will kill the most bosses while leveling. For Cosmic Midtown i Generate 10 Swarms with Bouncing Bullet. Dash out of the boss group and do the double colony spell before i enter the fray again with bouncing bullet.

Seventh skill i get is the second passive Clothes makes the Man. This will give us our defensive we need with nice defensive stats and damage negation. i feel 1 point is enough.

Eight skill i Get is one Point in Ant Decoy. Just for the Case we need a distance to a boss or distract the trash mobs. i have it on the second bar and nearly never use it but i had 1 point over so i placed it there^^

Ninth skill i get is our Signature Roflstomp ehh. Big Foot Sighting. its not only a high damage low cooldown AOE skill it solves our Spirit problems completely as it replenishs a ton of spirit. I either use it to clear big trash waves or use it after i spend some of my spirit and ues it then on cooldown.

Tenth and last skill i get for my build is The Definite Particle. Its a Huge Steroid for our Tiny Takedown and Bouncing Bullet. and gives a lot of atackspeed. so with Drone Strike + Definite Particles we will crack down every cosmic boss in seconds. In Cosmic Midtown i use it on Cooldown while i Bouncing Bullet through the bosses to get more damage and wait to get my 10 Swarms to use the Colony Combo.

Eleventh before i forget it we max our Friends in Low Places too ^^ as those swarms do nice passive damage.

This is the Build i Use for my Antman as Lategame for Cosmics and Patrols as well as for leveling. I hope the hate and complains about Antman will soon stop. The only thing i have to agree with is that his Uniques need an update.

I hope you like the build and it helps you to enjoy antman like i do. now im gonna go level my cosmic antman further dont be to harsh with me i know its not a great guide with cool screenshots and things. but I wanted to help people enjoy antman cuz as i feel hes one of the most balanced heroes that came out since a while.

Credits: Guide by BlackRosez- http://forums.marvelheroes.com/discussion/220112/leveling-build-and-endgame-build-highspeed-enter-the-fray-in-miniature-style