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Marvel Heroes 2015 Ant-Man Fist Full O' Layers Build


Omega System:

Updated: Patch Day 25th July 2015. Ant-Mans Uniques were given an emergency tuning pass and as such have patch up both his TTL issues and become much like Ms Marvels in that 90% or better rolls are BiS. There have been item changes to reflect this. Also since I was only using Friends in low places to open a rotation, it has now moved to the 2nd hotbar, freeing up space for Bio-Electric Blast to patch up his pack clearing weaknesses.

Hello there and Welcome to my 2nd Build Entitled Fist Full O' Layers!

As Many of you know by now Ant-Man is a fun hero but suffers from build diversity issues and doesn't have the best TTK. Ant-Mans playstyle is unique in that he is a Mobility Bruiser, he can't "Facetank" like some melees but he's fast enough that he can easily zip in and out of confrontations which makes for an extremely fun playstyle if you can get it down but frustrating if you get it wrong.
At the time of writing Ant-Man still needs some tuning up on his Damage scaling to make him a bit more of a force to be reckoned with, but he is CMM Viable with the right build.

An Easy to use, Clean rotation that manages your Ant-Resource in such a way that you will always maintain 3 Layers.
Hits like a Machine gun, pumps out damage packets really fast.
Extremely Mobile for a Melee, 2nd only to Nova.
Can easily put down a full rotation of DPS without having to worry too much about moving until One Shots are thrown out.
One of the fastest melee strikers in the game, if not the fastest.
The 2nd Highest HP Regen Per Second in the game, just behind Scarlet Witch!

Poor build Diversity, everything revolves around his Layers and Tiny Takedown, so he gets "Variants" of pretty much the same build.
Needs some tuning to his TTK, he's not a front runner, but around Middle of the Pack.


So I see you swapped for the Axe? Why's that?
With the changes that have boosted Ant-Mans TTL dramatically, there's no need to use the Excalibur anymore, he gets more from Axe and now there's no good reason not to use it.

And 1 all powers?
Pushes the main skills of the rotation up to the 45 breakpoint, 2 area powers is also a good choice as it benefits most of your skills since they are tagged Area in one form or another, only Friends in Low Places, Tiny Takedown and Think Small don't get a points benefit so it's not a huge issue since most them are over the 45 breakpoint anyway.

Oooh the New Nano Poison?
This item was practically DESIGNED for Ant-Man, 2+ Fighting +1 All Powers +Brutal Rating and Brutal Damage rating? You're basically putting on a HPP while trading the HP for an all power point and Crit rating for an extra point of fighting, Worth it.

Bio-Electric Blast? Won't that make your rotation Clunky?
Actually it doesn't, I barely use the active of Friends in Low places, but the layer is fantastic, so I swapped a few points around to bring Bio-Electric Blast in.

So I see you kept the Lizard Formula, wouldn't a Iron Legion Armor Sheath be better now his TTL is better? Yes, but if you notice something about his uniques, they took most of the attack speed off them, now you need attack speed where you can get it, I still like Passive Wolverine to help with this because Wetwork is amazing, but I'm considering switching to Clea or possibly Carnage, if his movesets good so that Liz isn't going anywhere for now.

So what's up with Dodge?
It's bad, ever since they changed the stat it's been worthless, ignore it's existence and move along.

Clean Simple, anyone can do it:
Friends in Low Places > Red Hots > Drone Strike > Fist Full of Ants > Bio-Electric Blast > Big Foot Sighting > Definite Particle > Spam Tiny Take Down > Red Hots > Drone Strike > Fist Full of Ants > Bio-Electric Blast> Spam Tiny Take Down > Red Hots > Drone Strike > Fist Full of Ants > Bio-Electric Blast> Big Foot Sighting > Definite Particle > Spam Tiny Take Down. You only need to use Friends in Low Places ONCE and never again throughout the entire rotation which in itself makes up for a lot of DPS loss that you can see in other builds.

Hope this guide helps you and thanks for reading!

Here are some videos showing how this build works:

Ant-man versus Cosmic Terminals:

Ant-Man Cosmic Trial Fist Full O' Layers Build

Ant-Man Versus Cosmic Trial 31st July Patch.

If you want to see the full details of the guide, you can visit this link > http://marvelheroes.info/build/22582/.

Source: http://marvelheroes.info/build/22582/