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Magic Duels: Origin Red Green Ramp LD Decklist and Guide (Zendikar's Fury R/G Ramp LD)

Looking Through the Card Pool I decided that I wanted to put together a Red/Green LD Deck.
After looking around a bit i decided mana ramp w/ large creatures would prolly help and eventually ended up adding roil because of the land ramp multi turn lands.

Two drops were pretty self explanatory and Green happens to have some of the best two drops in the game currently. Chandra's Ignition is a really good board clear while often times keeping more then one of your creatures in this beefy deck and if not you keep your big smasher and win the next turn generally. Twin Bolt is used to kill blockers in the way of your zendikar/colossus or early game rush clearing.

Elvish Visionary is a nice card draw for 2, chump blocker, and possibly fetch for larger creature w/ Evolutionary Leap. Gatecreeper Vine is a solid 0/2 defender for all the rush decks and gets you a land, i pretty much always grab a mountain or dual land w/ it because of so many forest searches already in the deck.

Mana Ramp. Turn 3 you pretty much always want to play Nissa's Pilgrimage if you have it in hand, if not you can often ramp on turn 4 instead w/ Acid-Moss instead, Often times the goal is tho to Pilgrimage on turn 3 into a Colossus or roil.

Beefy Damage Dealers, These guys come out faster then you would think and wreck face w/ the help of Kird Cheiftain often times to get through w/ trample.

4x Gatecreeper Vine
4x Elvish Visionary
2x Evolutionary Leap
3x Twin Bolt

1x Nissa Vastwood Seer
4x Nissa's Pilgrimage

3x Kird Chieftain
3x Zendikar Incarnate
3x Mwonvuli Acid-Moss

2x Outland Colossus
3x Zendikar's Roil
2x Chandra's Ignition
2x Into the Maw of Hell
1x Gaea's Revenge

2x Rogue's Passage
2x Rootbound Crag
3x Gruul Guildgate
4x Evolving Wilds
4x Mountain
8x Forest

Source: Guide by Valraven =VX9=- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=496384335