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iPhone 6S Rumors: Specs, Features and Release Date Details

The Name: iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

Given that much of the device is expected to look just like an iPhone 6, it’s quite likely the next iPhone will be called iPhone 6s. This goes in line with the somewhat predictable naming scheme for the revisional iPhone models that Apple has used, and iPhone 6s would blend right in with iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s, each of which was a revision of the prior edition. Sure, Apple could switch things up and name it “iPhone 7″ or something else, but that seems unlikely.

iPhone 6s Hardware Specs Rumors

So the next iPhone 6s is presumed to be a revision of the iPhone 6, with a similar naming scheme and general appearance. That means the big differences arrive in the internals, which is where the device is expected to get some major upgrades and serious power. Based on existing rumors, we can reasonably expect the iPhone 6s hardware to include the following:

2GB RAM – this would effectively double the RAM in current models, offering notable performance improvements with better application switching and caching

A9 CPU – a faster processor is sure to arrive on the next iPhone model

Faster LTE with greater power efficiency – expect faster internet speeds with longer battery life (9to5mac)

Force Touch display – Force Touch is able to determine pressure placed on the surface and offer different interactions as a result of the press, it currently exists on Apple Watch and MacBook models, and is expected to arrive on the next iPhone with a variety of shortcuts and features which 9to5mac

12 megapixel camera – a huge camera upgrade that is able to take pictures at 12mp (vs 8mp currently), and shoot 4k video at 240fps is expected, according to MacRumors

16GB, 64GB, and 128GB sizes – expect the iPhone 6s models to be available in the same storage convention used in existing iPhone models, with Apple rumored to be skipping a 32GB size that should be the base model and instead opting for 16GB base storage size device, again. Given that the camera is expected to shoot such high quality imagery and footage, expect that 16GB device to fill up awfully quick if you use the photo and video features, meaning the 64GB and 128GB models could be quite popular 

iOS 9 – the next version of iOS is expected to arrive in the fall to the public, and it’s a safe bet that it will ship preinstalled on the iPhone 6s models

Rumored iPhone 6s Appearance & Size 

The appearance of iPhone 6s is likely to match iPhone 6 almost exactly, with an aluminum chassis available in multiple colors and a different colored faceplate to match; slate/black, silver/white, gold/white, though there have been rumors about a new ‘rose gold’ color option too.

The evidence for appearance maintaining a strong similarity to existing iPhone 6 models is fairly strong, as 9to5mac has uncovered aluminum shells of the rumored device, seen here:

We can reasonably expect the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to basically look the same as iPhone 6, available in two sizes, each with a 4.7″ and 5.5″ display, respectively.

If the “rose gold” color option does show up, the lineup for iPhone 6s may look something like this mockup from TechnoBuffalo:

Launch Date & Release Date

The iPhone 6s release date is expected to be September 9, or at least sometime during that week, and typically the device will be available to purchase a week or two after the initial launch with pre-orders online and in Apple Stores.

Accordingly, expect to be able to get your hands on an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus sometime in late September.

iPhone 6c?

There have long been mixed rumors of a color plastic shelled iPhone 6c to replace the existing iPhone 5c models, but there is virtually no evidence to support these claims and rumors. Typically hardware enclosures leak out of the supply chain offering a good look at future devices, and thus far nothing has surfaced to support the so-called iPhone 6c. If the iPhone 6c does appear, it may share color options similar to that of the new 6th generation iPod touch, and it would probably share the same internal components of current iPhone 6 models. While it’s certainly possible that Apple has cracked down on hardware leaks and prevented any early looks at a “iPhone 6c”, it’s best to consider this one a less likely wildcard.

Personal Opinion: For me, I think the upcoming iPhone 6S is boring and expected. Yes, it does differ in specs and some features from the original iPhone 6 but, the fact is, it's not that major and pretty predictable. I don't know about other iPhone fanatics but for me, it's better to wait for the newest version of the iPhone than waiting for its upgraded version.

Source: osxdaily.com