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How to Limit Animations on Apple Watch to Avoid Common Motion Sickness

Apple makes heavy usage of eye candy zooming and zipping around animation effects on Apple Watch, iOS, and OS X, which can look nice in some situations, but can also cause nausea and vertigo to some users who are particularly sensitive to the unpleasant sensation of motion sickness. If you’ve ever been using the Apple Watch and felt queasy, or perhaps you just aren’t a fan of the endless zooming in and out of applications, resizing, and sliding around animations found throughout WatchOS, you can turn on a feature called Reduce Motion which greatly limits the animations.

Use Reduce Motion on Apple Watch via Watch App

You can quickly enable Reduce Motion by following these simple steps:

1. Open the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone and go to “My Watch” followed by “General” settings

2. Go to “Accessibility” and tap on “Reduce Motion”

3. Toggle this switch to ON to stop most of the animations and resizing of applications on Apple Watch

You can also toggle Reduce Motion on and off directly on the Apple Watch itself through WatchOS:

1. Open the Settings app on Apple Watch

2. Open General then go to “Accessibility”

3. Tap on “Reduce Motion” and flip the switch to ON

Exiting out of Settings in either case will immediately stop the motion effects and motion animations in WatchOS, and if you’re one to suffer from seasickness, you should feel a bit better too.

One notable difference between using this setting on WatchOS and Apple Watch versus the iPhone or iPad, is that Reduce Motion in iOS makes the devices feel faster too, but that effect isn’t particularly noticeable on Apple Watch.

Source: osxdaily.com