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How to Disable Auto-Play Video on Twitter for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Disabling Twitter Auto-Play Video in iOS

You can completely disable autoplay of video, or you can select to only autoplay video on wi-fi. This applies to all modern versions of the iOS Twitter app which default to automatically playing video, older versions of the app do not behave this way:

1. Open Twitter in iOS and tap on the “Me” tab in the lower right corner – if you have or use multiple Twitter accounts logged in you can apply this change to one and it will carry over to all Twitter accounts in iOS

2. Tap on the gear icon, it’s a button but doesn’t really look like one

3. Tap on “Settings” from the pop-up menu that shows up

4. Under the ‘General’ settings, tap on “Video Autoplay”

5. Choose “Never play videos automatically” and tap back out of the Twitter app settings (alternatively, if you simply want to save cellular data, choose the “Use Wi-Fi Only” option to prevent videos automatically playing when you’re on a cellular network)

Note this has no effect on the ability to play videos you want to see in a Twitter stream. You can still play any video on Twitter, you just have to tap on it to load and start the video – probably as it should be.

What is the advantage of Disabling Auto-Play Video on Twitter?

Reduce Cellular Data Usage- videos take up notably more bandwidth than static images and text, and automatically downloading a video can unintentionally lead to hefty data usage on a cell plan.

Increase Battery Life- playing video requires more device resources, which means battery life can take a hit as the iPhone (or iPad) starts loading and playing videos without your permission.

Filtering and Censoring Explicit Videos- this is perhaps the most unwelcome aspect of auto-playing video… there is no filtering or censoring, any video is played automatically regardless of its content. Essentially this means that any video retweeted or tweeted by any of who you follow will start playing before your eyes, or if you’re browsing through someone elses feed, whatever they tweet is played. That means in some particularly dreadful situations, a user of various social media services may be subjected to an automatically playing video of something awful that really nobody should see.

Source: osxdaily.com