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How to Delete Your Spotify Account (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to delete a Spotify account step by step guide:

Step#1: Open Spotify on your PC, e.g ( Chrome, IE or Firefox ).

Step#2: Login in to your account.

Step#3: Once you are logged in scroll down to bottom there you’ll see a couple of links. ( “About”, “Jobs”, “Press”, “News”, “Gifts”, etc. )

Step#4: Click on About and scroll down until you’ll see “Customer Service and Support”.

Step#5: Click on contact form.

Step#6: Now fill in the required info and select “Removing/Cancelling Spotify” from the drop down menu.

Step#8: Select “Delete/close my Spotify account”, from the next drop down menu.

Step#9: After that you’ll see another drop down menu, here you have to choose the best reason why you are deleting your Spotify account.

Step#10: Now in the text box, add all the reason for which you want to delete your account.

Step#11: Double-check the email address.

All Done !