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Forsaken World Mobile Seed Hunting Guide for Newbies [Android/iOs]

So this is a newbie seed hunting guide. I know Elements Collection Quest is a must before you get wings. Therefor, you will need a total of 100 seeds of each kind to be able to get your first LV40 Sky Wings. The Element Collection Quest would eat up 50 seeds of each kind, (20 for the first quest and 30 for the second quest) then you would collect another 50 of each seeds to trade it for wings, a total of 100 each.

You can definitely get all kinds of seeds to any monsters in Eversong Grassland, but we all feel that the drop rate is too low. I let the bot work for me over nighy but was only able to get 10 random seeds. So heres how we can earn more.

Hurricane Seed
Theres an NPC called Lost Wind that appears somewhere between Cape and Rocky Road in Grassland, once you found it, take the quest and turn it to Elder Ronn to get 1-10 Hurricane Seeds. The NPC Lost Wind will disappear and will show up again 30 mins after you take the quest in each Line.

Headwater Seed

Theres a plant called Life Seed, it shows up near the lake of Thunder Cape and Rocky Road, find it and get 1-10 seeds. It will show up again 30 mins after you gather it in same Line.

Darknight/Twilight Seed
A monster called Red Velocitaptor that appears every daylight EST drops the Twilight Seeds and the Blue Velociraptor that appears every night EST drops Darknight Seeds. They appear where the Velociraptors are. After killing, you will get 1-10 seeds. Respawns every 30 mins after killing in the same Line.

Flame Seed
Find the monster called Lost Flame, it appears where Longtusk Barthog is or near Rocky Johnson. Kill it and get 1-10 seeds. Also respawns 30 mins after killing.

Check the attachment.
Star means, the Blue/Red Velociraptor.
Triangle means, the Lost Flame.
The Line near the lake is where you can see the Life Seed.
Inside the Box is where the NPC Lost Wind shows.

Hope it helps.
Image credit to Krul/Philippines/Deathbane
Posted by Bluu/Philippines/Deathbane

Credits: Guide by Inoy Vargas- http://forum.fedeen.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=1922